This page is devoted to some background on myself. This will eventually be a mini-autobiography, statistical listing, demographics chart, and average rain fall meter. Call it the Eric Dalmanac.

Height69 inches (175 cm/3.8 cubits/17.1 hands)
Weight155 pounds (70 kg/11.1 stone)
Body Mass Index24
Date of Birth May 26, 1975
Date of DeathSometime in 2056
Place of Birth40N20 75W57
Right HandedLeft Brained
Marital StatusMarried
Shoe Size10
Ring SizeNiner
Credit Score810
Hair RetentionThinner, but holding it's position at the front
Number of TattoosNone. Can't paint over them
2002 ESPN Uber Point Rank  #2543 - worldwide rank 96.6%
My best card gameTexas Hold'em (Before it was trendy)
EducationBachelors in Business Management (*)
Blondes or Brunettes?Brunettes
Pat's or Geno's? Pat's
Top or Bottom?Both!
Hours spent in jail0 police detention2
Baseball Team Toronto Bluejays
Football Teams Miami Dolphins & Philadelphia Eagles
Zodiac SignGemini

Here's a simulated chart/picture showing an average size Badger, Eric, and Tuckapotamus. Badgers average two feet in length and 18 pounds while the North American Tuckapotamus stands 6 foot at the shoulder and weighs 3 tons.

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