My New Saturn!

A page devoted to just saying...
"Hey! Look at my new toy!"

WHAT'S NEW: Official gas mileage that I've been averaging:
27 miles/gallon 

Click HERE to see my window sticker!

To the left are my actual keys for my actual Saturn.


To see Saturn's write up on my car - Kliken Sei Einfach Heir!


This is what my interior looks like
 (except I have an automatic transmission.)


Here I be picking up my LS1 from Saturn of Eatontown NJ.  I'm the one on the right.

I swear, the car really is green. See that yellow mess in the background? That's my old car being traded in. Goodbye death banana, hello car that cannot be photographed in true colors!

My favorite feature at the moment:
The Future.I'm sad to say that I've been hurt... neigh, crushed by the problems the car has had the past year now. Besides electrical and minor mechanical there was a $1700 charge for the power steering starting to sinch up. It's also been vandalized thrice (which isn't Saturn's fault) HOWEVER the power steering problem IS their fault. I asked what I could do to prevent it from going bad again and was told that I could do nothing. If I can't prevent it, and it's not normal wear-and-tear... who should I blame? Know this: I consider this amount to be highly obscene and will not be buying another Saturn.

My favorite feature at a past moment:
The clear-coat paint job. I just waxed it up real pretty and it shines like the eyes of Ra.  Neat.

My favorite feature at a past moment:
The Trunk! I'm back from my 1500 mile new-car-torture test of the Saturn and would like to say that way too damn much fits in the trunk. I traveled with a two suitcases, briefcase, several bags of miscellaneous goodies, a camera (and tripod), a bowling ball, a volley ball, a crate of spare car fluids (that I don't need anymore), a few dozen cassette tapes/CDs, a beach blanket, a top-hat, two tuxedos, three full size humans, and a large bike pump. Oh, did I forget? My BIKE was in there too! We don't need no stinking bike rack!

My favorite feature at a past moment:

I'm really diggin' the Saturn Advanced Audio System. Tossed in for free at the last moment by the the dealer, (A $220 dollar value) the eight speaker system with CD/Cassette/AM/FM with built in amp and sub-woofer nearly got me killed on my first ride as jammin' AND steerin' aren't exactly two things that you can do while drivin'. 

The speakers shown on the left are representative of the ones in my car. The picture was snatched from the Saturn Web Site as were some of the above pictures.

My favorite feature at a past moment:

The Title! She's bought and paid for my friends. No more car payments. Mine! All mine! Muahahahaha!

Final plug: Check out the Saturn Web Page Here!