Luray Caverns Virginia

Me outside the caverns with the Virginia foothills behind me. On Rt 211 just 13 miles off of Rt. 81!

Giant Stalagtites hang down from the ceiling. They take 150 years to grow one cubic inch.

Darkness and natural light in the cavern. It would of course be pitch black without the lights they bring in.

One of the larger structures. When a stalagtite (top)meets a stalagmite (bottom) they form a pillar.

The ceiling of the cave is covered in calcium, salt, and rust.

A small underground lake creates perfect reflections of the formations above it.

A deep ravine in the cave. Who knows how far down it goes. On the tour we were 16 stories below ground at the deepest part.

Neat formations across a natural rock bridge.

Another natual chasm.

Hanging 'curtains' are formed when water is actually running rather than just dripping. They take over 300 years to form one cubic inch. Note the one on the lower left is so thin that it's translucent.

Giant pillars.

The magical Stalagpipe organ! The organ doesn't have pipes, but rather plays the stalagtites/mites. Since they're crystaline in nature, some have near perfect harmonics.

More pillars acting as bars. It would be a cool place to be locked up. The cave is a constant 54 degrees all year long.

A well lit section. There was a lot of water running through this cave at one time.

When water continues to run over stalagtites and columns, they get a strange bumpy texture look to them.

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