The Philadelphia Eagles vs The New Orleans Saints
Sunday, November 23rd 2003.

"Fly Eagles fly,
On the road to victory. (fight! fight! fight!)
Fight, Eagles Fight,
Score a touchdown 1,2,3. (one! two! three!)
Hit em' low, hit em' high, and watch our Eagles Fly.
Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory!

Check out the inside of the new Lincoln Financial stadium!

Panaramic view of the stadium (with the Eagle's fight song just for kicks)

Players in action. Fast film and nice zoom lens comes in handy.

The outside of the stadium is pretty kick ass too. Tailgating!

Pictures taken with my digital (Canon PowerShot S45) and regular 35mm (Nikon 5005) with a 200mm zoom.
BONUS! Check out this Windows Media Video taken with the Canon.
Fight Song *LIVE*
Superbowl loss... very disappointed. Three reasons why they lost:
  1. Westbrook up the middle. It didn't work. They stuck with it. Bad. Run #36 OUTSIDE and ONLY OUTSIDE. Their backers are fast but NOT faster than Westbrook!
  2. How do you NOT put someone on Vrabel if you see him report as a tight end? Did they even WATCH the superbowl last year?
  3. McNabb forced it. Ignoring the last interception, which was just desperation, there were three others that just should never have been thrown. Yeah, he's a pocket passer now but for god sakes STEP UP AND RUN! McNabb ran only once. That's not the Donovan we all thought we knew.
And that's all I'll say on the matter. Address those issues coach Reid and we'll see the pats again in the pre-season.