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A 5K for 5K Geocaching finds?   (Apr 21st 2023)
Late last year I was talking with some geocaching friends, some of whom happen to be runners, and an idea was hatched to host a 5K run event for my upcoming 5,000th geocaching find. A 5K for 5K, get it? I crunched the numbers and figured it would be sometime in February or early March […]
Just some High-Handing, Grand-Standing, Ban-Planning Fire Fanning   (Jun 30th 2022)
Back in the early 1990s I used “biodegradable trash-bags” as my science fair project. They haven’t caught on because IT DOESN’T MATTER in the slightest. I might generate a few pounds of plastic bag trash every year while the farmers use hundreds of millions of pounds of “plastic mulch” in the same time. My contribution […]
Clyde North Carolina Trip 2022   (Apr 29th 2022)
Over Allison’s Spring Break we took a family trip down to the Asheville area to visit Aunt Claire, Aunt Glady and Cousin Xavier. We had a good visit and saw a lot of wild hills and scenic nature. Good times were had by all! Go ahead and click an image to see a larger version. […]
Spring forward… to a bright new future!   (Mar 31st 2022)
It’s March! Spring Forward for Daylight Savings! For most of my adult life I have disliked the twice-annual time-change. It screws with my sleep patterns, gets the US out of sync with the rest of the world, messes up the daughter’s bedtime and has occasionally caused me to be up in the middle of the […]
Family Biking and Binge Watching during a Pandemic   (Feb 28th 2022)
I promised in a previous entry that I’d talk about what we did during The 2020 Pandemic. At least I thought I did. Regardless, I’m doing so now even if you were not forewarned! I guess the best thing that came out of the spring of 2020 was Allison finally getting comfortable on her bike. […]
RIP Titus – 2007 to 2022   (Jan 29th 2022)
Last week we had to say goodbye to Titus. We rescued him and his sister from a semi-feral litter when he was just a kitten. Heather named him Titus the Tiny Titan and the little guy did his best to grow and earn that title. He eventually grew to be a long tall cat tipping […]
Pain in the Brain 2021 (Now with Politics!)   (Dec 31st 2021)
I’ve been overdue for a cluster cycle for a few years now so every Spring I’ve been mindful of avoiding triggers. Stress and sleep issues are #1 and #1 again in the short list. The stress of 2020 apparently wasn’t enough or maybe social distancing during the onset months of April and May made a […]
Yep! Yet another day in the life…   (Feb 22nd 2020)
Every few years or so I get the notion to journal my day. Rather than micro-blogging or uploading a score of photos to I’m consolidating them all here for your condensed and concentrated consideration. Crikey! 05:?? The cat is reminding me that he’s nocturnal and nobody has offered play, grooming or food in hours. I tossed a blanket […]
The Polar Bear Club Photo Essay   (May 31st 2017)
Photo Journalism at its ... coldest!
More Mailbox Mayhem   (Mar 28th 2017)
Sharing is caring... but I don't appreciate people sharing my email address just because we share the same name!
Not just rich… Beanie Rich!   (Feb 28th 2017)
20 years after the fad peaked, does anyone make money reselling Beanie Babies? Of course they do not.
Pain in the Brain 2016   (Feb 1st 2017)
Brain Pain Again. Every two years I will document this. Hopefully three years next time.