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The Polar Bear Club Photo Essay   (Jun 1st 2017)
Photo Journalism at its ... coldest!
More Mailbox Mayhem   (Mar 28th 2017)
Sharing is caring... but I don't appreciate people sharing my email address just because we share the same name!
Not just rich… Beanie Rich!   (Mar 1st 2017)
20 years after the fad peaked, does anyone make money reselling Beanie Babies? Of course they do not.
Pain in the Brain 2016   (Feb 1st 2017)
Brain Pain Again. Every two years I will document this. Hopefully three years next time.
Yet another day in the life…   (Jul 23rd 2016)
A day in the life of an Ericles - part 3
Pain in the Brain 2014   (Sep 30th 2014)
Yet another Cluster Headache Cycle
Another day in the life…   (Feb 16th 2014)
A busy snow-day and 24 would-be-facebook-updates rolled up into one short entry here.
The Happiest Blog On Earth!   (Dec 31st 2013)
Happy Vets Day! I love animals as much as the next guy, but I’m surprised they give a whole day to their medical professionals instead of those who fought in our wars. But I digress… Today I was alerted by my magical inbox that Mr. Eric Dalton had registered a hotel room in Anaheim for […]
My email address is not your spam folder!   (Sep 26th 2013)
I'm tired of getting other people's junk mail to my email address so I'm going to share it with the world.
Hackers promote (or provoke) changes   (Jul 17th 2013)
Hackers messed up the look of the site so after 6 years it was time to refresh the look...
Broken bones while home alone   (Apr 30th 2013)
After two years I finally convinced my wife she could take off for a long weekend... and promptly broke our daughters leg.
My Sandy Story   (Dec 1st 2012)
Everyone in New York or New Jersey has a story to tell about what happened during Hurricane Sandy. Here's mine.