My Family!

Home-made 2003 Christmas Family Portrait! Click Here!

So! You wanna see my family! Well, this is your big chance, because this page not only contains pictures of my family, but information about those lucky people that I call 'relatives'! So without further ado; Here they are in no relative order!

My Pappy!

This is my Dapper Daddy, Jerry Dalton - 50 something and dressed to kill. This is not something you see every day, so enjoy while you can! He's an over the road truck driver by trade (or if you ask him, a gear jammin', coffee slurpin', pedal stompin', double clutchin', trailer truckin' driver!). He drives for Messer Industries and has SEVERAL MILLION miles logged to date!

When not working his butt off, he's busting his butt for Operation Scarlet. He spends many weekends volunteering to rescue and place mistreated, abandoned, or otherwise needy Chinese Shar-Peis. He's also the auctioneer and bingo caller for Operation Scarlet  as well as a proud parent of 3 adopted pooches!

A couple of years ago he married his long time sweetheart Karen Goodman. Now she's a Dalton too! Welcome to The Family! They both recently moved to their dream house in Laureldale where he grew up as a kid. The new house has a pool and if you hover your mouse over the picture to the left you'll see that at the Dalton Household, it's Safety First in the pool!

Jerry and Karen can be reached by email by .

This is my Mother, Kathy Dalton! She's a little more net-savvy and even has her own . She currently lives in Pacifica California (just south of SF), and is an educator by trade. When this was last updated she was teaching at Terra Nova High School in the Jefferson Union district; widening the eyes and expanding the minds of her students.

Living on the left coast as she does, I don't get to see her all that often, but when I do make the trip, we always make the most of it by traveling to exotic places like Lake Tahoe (see right), the Yosemite Valley, the Grand Canyon, Disney Land, or even San Francisco's own Pier 39 (roll mouse of image at right).

In the past few years she's made up her mind that she's not going to sit idly by and let the powers that be push her around. So she's become more politically and socially active. I might not always agree with her politics, if she ran for president, she'd have my vote.

Oh Brothers!

Meet Corey Dalton, on the left, my younger brother. He's 3 years my junior and, like me, a grad of Reading High School. The picture on the left is from when he was working as a bar-tender in Topher's bar at 10th and Elm in glorious downtown Reading, PA.

That's a throwback Pete Rose Philies jersey he's got on in the picture. The baseball "hall of fame" is a joke without Charlie Hustle as a member! Pete might have made a few mistakes, but every Rose has it's thorns.

Anywho, Corey is now working for Ehrlich pest control. Somehow I always knew he'd get a job killing things. In a way we do the same job... Only I'm debugging computer code.

At the present time, Corey can be reached at his email address by !

Family in all but blood

This is the section devoted to the non-blood relative family members that mean so much in my life... my cat and my computer!

My Alienware PC!

Although almost completely rebuilt since it's purchase, it's still an ALIENWARE at the heart!

Current Specs:

  • AMD Athlon XP 2100+
  • 690GB HDs (120x2 Raid 0 + 200gb + 250gb external)
  • 1 Gig (1024Mb) of DDR Ram
  • 52x Lite-On CDRW
  • Zip250, DVD-Rom, and 8 USB ports
  • Mysterious blue "quiet-fusion" glow....


Oh, and I almost forgot... I have a cat. Her name is Smech! (pronounced with a hard German "CH"). I adopted her as a stray who was running around behind my apartment for a few months. Funny thing is... a few months later the original owner came knocking on my door looking for his lost cat "Antigone". Well, we talked about it for a while and he decided that I should keep her... and she resides with me to this day!


  • She has a sock fetish
  • She has a drool problem
  • She cannot be kept inside!
  • Mice are scary!