Ajax Cape Town

Address: PO Box 36554 Chempet

Telephone: 021 551 0026

Fax: 021 552 9892

Joint CEO's: Rob Moore (Commercial), John Comitis (Technical)

Directors: Ari Efstathiou, Steven Stein, Frank Kales, Bob-Jan Hillen

Technical Director: Edmond Claus

Team Manager: Eric Dalton

Head Coach: Henk Bodewes

Assistant Coach:John Lathan

Club Doctor: Wayne Derman

Biokenitist: Vladimir Vlad

Media Liasion: Vusi Kama


Gareth Ormshaw              Moeneeb Josephs
Calvin Marlin 

Edelbert Dinha                 Duran Francis 
David Kannemeyer          Jeremy Jansen 
Andile Sixaba 


Mxolisi Mchunu              Brett Evans
Shaun Potgieter              Dominic Isaacs 
Dillon Sheppard             Gareth Ncaca 
Sibusiso Mzizi                Steven Pienaar 
Shaun Oliver 

Rodrigo Gomes             Brendan Augustine
Shaun Permall               Carlo Scott



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