Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce
Area Relocation Package
(Last Updated December 27, 1999)

Message from the Mayor,
City of Martinsville,
Morgan County, Indiana

On behalf of the citizens of Martinsville, I thank you for inquiring about our City. Martinsville consists of approximately 13,000 residents and is nestled between Indianapolis and Bloomington, which allows quick access to a plethora of metropolitan offerings, as well as quality post-secondary educational institutions. Martinsville has been listed as one of the safest cities in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our City boasts of being the hometown of John R. Wooden, one of the greatest basketball coaches in history. Just minutes south of Martinsville is the Morgan Monroe State Forest, which provides a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing.

You are sure to find our school system one of the finest in Indiana. Our 1,618-member student body continues to capture state championship titles in athletic and academic competitions. We also value the many talented individuals in the Music Department, who have also achieved great honors.

Martinsville is home to some unique businesses. One such business manufactures riot shields for law enforcement agencies. In addition, they secure interiors for police vehicles. Martinsville is also home to one of the largest goldfish hatcheries in the United States, shipping their product worldwide.

We are very proud of our churches and the foundation they provide our families, which reflect on our community's goodwill and ability to work and play together in unity. I am very proud of Martinsville and its residents and their commitment to make our City the best it can be. Martinsville has always been home to me, and I sincerely hope when you visit us that you will find it as warm and friendly as I do.

Should you have any questions or desire further information about the City of Martinsville, please feel free to call my office at 765-342-2861. Please know that our door is always open for a visit at any time.

Warmest regards,

Shannon L. Buskirk, Mayor
City of Martinsville

Mayor's Office
City Hall
P.O. Box 1415
Martinsville, IN 46151
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 4:00
(765) 342-2861

Martinsville Chosen as County Seat Over Centerton and Waverly
By Bette Nunn

Martinsville, county seat of Morgan County, is situated in a peaceful valley surrounded by hills. Its origin was established by an act of the state legislature in December of 1821 when Morgan County was formed from what was then known as Wabash and Delaware counties. Jonathan Jennings was governor of the state at that time, and in March of 1822, Martinsville, because of its central location, was designated as the county seat. Other locations considered were Centerton and Waverly.

Up to the year 1821, however, there was no sign of a town. Wild animals roamed the location and native timber covered the area. One early settler was said to have killed five grizzlies just south of town.

Grizzly bears were not the only wild animals roaming "these hyar hills." Another story is told about a settler near Martinsville who saw several animals lying in the leaves in the woods one day and thought them to be wolves. He fired his gun and killed one of the animals, and the others ran. When he reached the dead animal's location, he was surprised to learn that he had not shot a wolf, but a big panther.

An old Delaware Indian trail ran across the site of the town from the northeast to the southwest, which would, if visible today, pass near the southeast corner of the public square.

Back in 1769, a French explorer named LaSalle descended the Kankakee with 30 of his companions. They were the first Europeans known to have set foot on the soil of Indiana before it was admitted as a state. It is not known for sure that white men ever settled in this county at that time, but it is probable that they did.

The French were known to have navigated all the principal streams and rivers where they would establish trading posts. French missionaries were also prevalent in such stations. Most likely these groups were located where numbers of Indians could be found. Since Indiana was known to Indians as good gaming land, fur trading would probably have proven profitable to them.

It is a matter of record that there was an Indian trail running through what is known as the courthouse square today. Old histories speak of the Indian highway that led to and from the "dark and bloody ground," and historians can only assume that the trail passing here was traveled by many war parties on their journeys to and from their settlements in Kentucky. Historians say these war parties were often accompanied by prisoners and that there is a probability that many were captured by Indian warriors and returned to their Kentucky camps.

Settled by Miamis

Known as a watering place for many generations, Morgan County was settled by the Miami tribe, and they and the Delawares possessed a large tract of land in Central Indiana which included Morgan County. The tribe ceded the land to the United States in October of 1818.

Some historians believe the name of Martinsville originated from a man named John Martin, who lived in Washington County and was the oldest locating commissioner at that time.

Five men donated land to the town so that the county seat could be established. They were John Gray, Joshua Taylor, Samuel Scott, Jacob Cutler and Joel Furguson, who also gave the "big spring."

In the original plat of the town, the boundaries were Highland Street and Walnut Street, both running east and west; and Cherry Street and Water Street, running north and south. Water Street was evidently what is known as Wayne Street today. There were blocks in the plat of the town originally.

This year, Martinsville is 178 years old.


*Lees Inn 765-342-1842 1-800-733-5337
50 Bills Blvd.

Royal Motel 765-342-6671
60 St. Rd. 67 N.

Hillview Motel 765-342-6272
2600 St. Rd. 37 S.

*Super 8 Motel 765-349-2222 1-800-800-8000
Next to Lees Inn

Martinsville/Morgan County Media
Internet Service Providers:

161 N. Jefferson
P.O. Box 1522
Martinsville, IN 46151
(765) 342-3554

SCICAN Corporation
P.O. Box 1255
Martinsvillle, IN 46151
(765) 342-3344


Indianapolis Star
449 E. Morgan St.
Martinsville IN 46151
(765) 342-5682

Reporter-Times, Inc.:
*The Reporter-Times
60 S. Jefferson St.
P.O. Box 1636
Martinsville IN 46151
(765) 342-3311
(765) 342-1446 Fax
Web Site

The Times
23 E. Main St.
Mooresville IN 46158
(317) 831-0280

Radio Station:
*WCBK-FM 102 (Country)
1639 Burton Lane
P.O. Box 1577
Martinsville IN 46151
(765) 342-3394
(765) 342-5020 Fax

Television Station:

Martinsville High School
1360 E. Gray St.
(765) 342-5571


June 10, 2000 (2nd Saturday in June each year)
Fish Fry and Strawberry Festival

June 17, 2000
Summer Fest
Downtown Martinsville

July 4, 2000
Car Show, Vendors, Bands, etc.
Fireworks at Dusk
Jimmy Nash Park

October 12-15, 2000 (2nd Thursday-Sunday of each year)
Fall Foliage Festival

October 13, 2000
Customer Appreciation Night
Downtown Martinsville

October 31, 2000
Safe Trick or Treat Night

November 11, 2000 (2nd Saturday in November each year)
East Middle School Craft Fair

November 24, 2000 (Friday after Thanksgiving each year)
Jimmy Nash Park Christmas Lighting Ceremony

November 25, 2000
Holiday Open House

November 25, 2000 (Saturday after Thanksgiving each year)
Downtown Christmas Lighting Ceremony

Local Churches of Martinsville


Seventh Day Adventist
290 E. Pike St.
Carmel Mercado
(765) 349-0297


Calvary Apostolic
1259 E. Washington St.
John Bolin
(765) 342-5524

Church of Jesus Christ
506 W. Douglas St.
Stephen Ferrand
(765) 342-9311

Emmanuel Apostolic Church
Web Site
Check out our Web Page
1320 Morton Ave.
T.G. Bolin

Martinsville Tabernacle Christian Church
Web Site
Check out our Web Page
470 N. Marion St.
Joseph Disney
(765) 349-0079


First Assembly of God
609 S. Lincoln
Russ Cockrum
(765) 342-8189


Calvary Heights
210 Kristi Road
Reathel Miller
(765) 342-7585

439 E. Morgan St.
Larry Heskett
(765) 342-0313

Faith Separate Baptist
Lincoln-Gray Streets
Mike Wilson
(765) 349-1728

First Church
1109 E. Columbus St.
Jeffrey D. Sexton
(765) 342-3616

Martinsville Baptist Tabernacle
2189 Burton Lane
David L. Zempel
765) 342-0501


St. Martin of Tours
1710 E. Harrison St.
Mark Gottemoeller
(765) 342-6379


Eastview Christian
2745 Old Morgantown Rd.
Rick Miller, Marty Corey,Terry Harmon
(765) 342-4483

*First Church
89 S. Main Street
Dr. Larry J. Kuntz, Al Johnson
(765) 342-3461

Kennedy Living Center Chapel
301 W. Harrison St.
William A. Douglas
(765) 342-6636

Liberty Christian Church
2010 Liberty Church Rd.
(765) 342-8519

Pleasant Grove Christian Church
6605 Maple Grove Rd.
Rocky Baire
(765) 342-6277


Church of Christ
800 S. Crawford St.
Bill Baugh
(765) 342-0352

Morgan Street Church of Christ
540 E. Morgan St.
Steve Cordle
(765) 342-6027

York Street
460 W. York St.
L. Keith Chitwood
(765) 342-5782


First Church
1396 E. Columbus St.
Delbert Cottrell
(765) 342-4295


St. Mary's
1109 E. Morgan St.
(765) 342-1682


General Assembly-Firstborn
2580 S.R. 252
Charles O. White
(765) 342-4565


Destined to Win Christian Center
A Rhema Affiliate
200 Lenvoil Rd.
Lannie and Jill Stecher
(765) 342-0849

First Assembly
609 S. Lincoln
Russ Cockrum
(765) 342-8189

Joy in Living Christian Center
1410 S. Harriet St.
Bernie D. Samples
(765) 342-JOY7

Manna Ministries
65 W. Morgan St.
Tom Tackett, Steve Mitchell
(765) 349-8415


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)
100 Church St., Wolff Rolling Hills
Thomas Lawson
(765) 342-9339


Prince of Peace Lutheran
3496 E. Morgan St.
Nathan Janssen
(765) 342-2004


Martinsville Meeting at Realty World Builders Co-Op
333 W. Washington St.
Ernest Hochstetler
(765) 342-8614


Evangelical Methodist Church
60 W. Douglas St.
Glenn Sprouls
(765) 342-3100

First United Church
Pike and Sycamore Streets
Donald Smith
(765) 342-3558


First Church
1609 John R. Wooden Dr.
James Walker, Tony McCrary
(765) 342-2269

Trinity Church
140 E. Poston Rd.
Gary Lafary
(765) 342-8986


Hoosier Harvest Church
State Road 252 and Leonard Rd.
Chris Page
(765) 349-0552


The Church of Jesus Christ
789 S. Lincoln St.
Mary K. Ferrand
(765) 342-6237

Gateway Tabernacle
689 S. Crawford St.
Pat Davis
(765) 342-6913


Church of God
489 E. Walnut St.
Don Hill
(765) 342-4683


First Church
240 E. Washington St.
J. Christy Wareham
(765) 342-3282


Martinsville Wesleyan
689 S. Marion St.
Floyd L. Thomas
(765) 342-3705


Civic and Fraternal Organizations

American Legion Post 230
George Freeman
701 E. Morgan St.
American Legion Aux.
Carolyn Peters
1990 Country Club Rd.

American Lung Assoc.

Big Brothers
1100 W. 42nd St.
Indianapolis IN 46202
(317) 925-9611

Big Sisters
615 N. Alabama St.
Rm 336
Indianapolis IN 46204
(317) 634-6102

Boy Scouts of America
Tiffany Lemoine
860 N. Lincoln

Community Foundation of Morgan County
19 S. Indiana St.
Mooresville, IN 46158
(317) 831-1232

Delta Sigma Kappa
Shirley Sink
4635 Wilbur Rd.

Delta Theta Tau
Connie Feagans
1035 Lincoln Hill Rd.

Bill Powers
140 Duo Dr.

Denominational Garden Club
Alice Sichting

Department Cub
Eileen Koons
120 Maple Turn Rd.

Eastern Star, Martha Chapter 217
Myrtle Collins
30 E. Harrison St.
(317) 831-1222

Elks Club 1349
1010 S. Josephine St.
P.O. Box 1186

Elks Club 1349-Ladies
Roxanna Billings
1010 S. Josephine St.

Fall Foliage Festival
110 N. Jefferson,
PO Box 1243

Fraternal Order of Police
Franz Hollanders, Chief
City Police Dept.

Girl Scouts
Morgan Co. Division of Tulip Trace
Angela DeBaets
359 S. Grant St.

Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce
210 N. Marion St.
P0 Box 1378

Tom Yaden
990 E. Lincoln St.

Kappa Kappa Sigma
Pat Roudebush
19 Plateau Circle

Kiwanis Club Early Edition
Ruth Oakes
240 Hillview Dr.

Kiwanis Club P.M. Edition
Dennis Mills
209 W. Garfield

Knights of Columbus
John Miller

Lions Club-Noon
Fred Goetz
Lions Club-Evening
Richard Cassens
20 Southview Dr.

Loyal Order of Moose 1127
Don Decker
60 W. Pike St.

Women of Moose
Martha Worley
60 W. Pike St.

Lorraine Rebekah Lodge 95
Lois Hacker
5140 Bryant's Creek Rd.

Martinsville Area Senior Citizens
Jeannie M. East
1369 Blue Bluff Rd.

Martinsville Arts & Crafts Committee
Jane Cole

Martinsville Arts Council
Jennifer Keep
3955 Adams Dr.
Martinsville Jaycees
Jodi Stevens
340 E. Harrison St.

Martinsville Literary Club
Anne Miller
1320 S. Shore Dr.

Martinsville Ministerial Assn.
Rev. Nathan Janssen
Prince of Peace Lutheran

Masonic Lodge
1189 E. Washington St.

Morgan Co. Antique Machinery Association
Rick Kivett
1959 John R. Wooden Dr.

Morgan County Bar Association
Dale Coffey
59 N. Jefferson

Morgan Co. Blood Drive
Priscilla Bruns
3165 South Hampton Dr.

Morgan County Cancer Society
Connie Feagans
1035 Lincoln Hill Rd.

Morgan Co. Democratic Party
Becky Waymire
2110 Foxcliff N.

*Morgan County Extension Office
Chris Parker
180 S. Main St., Suite 229

Morgan County Fair and 4-H Association

Morgan Co. Heart Assn.
Connie Feagans
Morgan Co. Hospital

Morgan Co. Historic Preservation Society
Del Chafey
1090 E. Harrison St.

Morgan Co. History and Genealogy Assn.
Anita Zike
810 E. Washington

Morgan Co. Hospital Guild
Shirley Fleck
2209 John R. Wooden Dr.

Morgan County Humane Society
P.O. Box 1794

Morgan Co. Marketing Board of Realtors
Corene Rickard
(317) 834-4000

*Morgan Co. Red Cross
Susan Norman
465 S. Main St.

Morgan County Republican Party
Rod Bray
601 Bray Rd.
(317) 834-1070

Morgan County Republican Women
Vickie Kivett
1959 John R. Wooden Dr.

Morgan Co. Sertoma
Bob Elliott
(317) 831-1755

Morgan Co. Shrine Club
Eric Dalton
P.O. Box 1462

*Networking Business Women
Nichelle Dalton
139 E. Green St.
Box 1215

Phi Beta Psi
Ann Waltz
580 S. St. Clair

Psi Iota Xi Eta Chi
Suzie O’Neal
215 Goodnight Rd.

Rotary Club
Bill Cunningham
28 N. Main St.

Tri Kappa
Susan Sears

Tri Kappa Alpha Assn.
Hilda Nickles

Tri Kappa Beta Assn.
Betty Jo Blunk

VFW Post 1257
Tom Suter
1000 S. Josephine St.

Metropolitan School District of Martinsville

460 S. Main St.
Martinsville, In 46151
Phone 765-342-6641
Web Site


The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville commits itself to producing and maintaining an educational environment in which each individual student and employee:

It is expected that each individual will be known by others of the quality of his/her character, commitment and competence.


The schools of the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville are an excellent place to learn.

Time and proper assistance are provided so that all students are expected to learn and do learn at very high levels.

Each school provides an orderly environment with rules, values, high expectations, caring, and commitment that together create a healthy family-type atmosphere. All school personnel care; they model the obligation and desire to teach, and they promote the academic and personal success of each student.

As importantly, parents participate in the education of their children, and their active and supportive involvement is continually sought.

"Hard to define, impossible to legislate for, quality, like truth is an attitude of mind."
Charles Hardy, in The Age of Unreason

"Quality is defined by the customer. It is whatever the customer says that it is."
W. Edwards Deming

"Quality includes things you can count - it also includes things you can't count."
James Auter, Superintendent of Schools

Quality requires an attitude of continuous improvement in all things.
To that, the MSD of Martinsville is committed.


We believe that our schools should strive for excellence in all that they do. We believe that all children can learn and practically all can learn at very high levels.

We believe that each student is unique and we should promote the maximum intellectual emotional, physical, social, aesthetic, and moral development of each student.

We believe each student should experience regular opportunities for rigorous analytical thinking.

We believe that as educators we should have vision, empathy, and the ability to help each student grow into all he/she is capable of becoming.

We believe that the school climate should be one of trust, respect, and security.



Superintendent’s Office, 342-6641

Maintenance Department 342-7896

Transportation Department, 342-5597
Building Trades, 342-8572
Central Elem., 342-6611
East Middle, 342-6675
Green Township Elem., 342-0505
Martinsville High School, 342-5571
Poston Road Elem., 342-8408
Smith Elem., 342-8488
South Elem., 349-1486
West Middle, 342-6628

Extracurricular activities are numerous and diverse, offering all students a wide choice of experiences. A variety of clubs operating at the middle and high school levels enjoy large memberships.

The music program has been recognized yearly for excellence in state competitions. Interscholastic athletics is a vital part of the total educational system, offering young men and women an opportunity to participate in most sports.

An Outdoor Education Resident Camp program involving all fifth grade students in the corporation has been conducted each spring at Bradford Woods.

The MSD of Martinsville is the 38th largest school district in the state of Indiana and provides transportation for over 65% of all students to the 12 schools in the district.


There are several institutions of higher learning within driving distance of Martinsville:

Morgan County Memorial Hospital Has Quality Health Care

Morgan County Memorial Hospital, located in scenic Martinsville, is centrally located to serve the town and surrounding ommunities. This full-service hospital is staffed by the finest physicians, nurses, and support personnel, providing a wide range of quality health care services.


If you take a step backwards in time to 1924, the original hospital was erected on land donated by J.W. Hussey. Hussey's 8-year-old son was struck and killed by a truck while riding his bicycle. This prompted Hussey to campaign extensively for a hospital, as there was no health facility to serve the town. The building then located on South Main Street was dedicated by the Mayor E.L. Avery and Dr. W.J. Sandy, president of the Morgan County Medical Society. The original staff of four employees included a superintendent, assistant superintendent, a surgical nurse and night supervisor.


Due to extensive growth, the hospital location was moved, and construction of the current facility at 2209 John R. Wooden Drive was completed in 1958. A third floor was added in 1969.

A planning committee was established in 1975 to decide the future of health care in Morgan County. This committee developed a course of action for the next decade. In 1981 a major construction and restoration project was completed, which included a new surgical department, radiology, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, emergency department, and kitchen and cafeteria.

Renovations of the lab, pharmacy, medical records, business office, central sterilization and administrative offices were also
completed. In addition, the hospital recruited a broad spectrum of physicians who established their medical practices here. In 1991 the Critical Care, in-house CT Scanner, and Cardiac Rehabilitation addition was completed. The hospital established its HomeCare Department in 1992, to meet the growing demand for home-based services.

Massive Overhaul

The Obstetrical Department was totally overhauled in 1994. The new unit has five labor and delivery, recovery and postpartum suites that are fully self-contained. The new birthing rooms feature fully designed wood floors and furnishings and are decorated with a personal touch to produce a cozy atmosphere. Facilities were added to perform cesarean section deliveries, and the nursery was renovated and moved to the front of the new unit.

Renovations also included the Occupational Therapy Department and a major portion of the laboratory.

The Future

The groundbreaking for a new Physicians' Medical Building began in the spring of 1995. The completed building, opening in early 1996, is next to the hospital and can be accessed through the hospital by a connecting corridor. Seven hospital physicians relocated their offices to this building when it was complete. Expansions for seven more physicians' offices are available in the new facility.

Service Offerings

“It is important to Morgan County Memorial Hospital how you are treated when you come here. We promote an atmosphere where our patients know how meaningful they are to us. High quality, compassionate, prompt, health care is our mission," Dean Melton, hospital administrator said. "The hospital has an excellent medical staff with many full-time specialists. Additionally, we offer curricula covering cardiopulmonary wellness and rehabilitation, diabetes control, CPR, and prenatal classes, along with other key community education programs."

Other Factors

The hospital has a $27,000,000 budget and 86 beds. It is extremely busy for a hospital of this size. In 1994, outpatient services reached 48 percent of total revenues. We admitted 1,841 patients and there were 323,315 outpatient procedures performed. Our HomeCare Department made 9,535 visits during the year. The Emergency Department remains very busy, seeing 18,802 patients during the same time frame.

For more information on the advanced health care services available at Morgan County Memorial Hospital, call 317-342-0299, extension 106.


Bailey, George R.
Brill, Betty Ann
Caywood, Jerry
*Country View Apartments
Crousore, Sandy
Dean Construction
Emge, Larry
Ennis, Danny
Fewell, Danny
Harrison Apartments
*Logsdon, Gary
Manley, Randy
McDaniel, Jim
Siderwicz, Bill
Spina, Bill
Spring Lake Apartments
Williamsburg Apartment



Jimmy Nash City Park consists of 90 acres in the city limits of Martinsville. It boasts a swimming pool, five shelter houses, picnic tables and benches, a caretaker’s residence, tennis courts, baseball and softball diamond, basketball court, foot trails, a playground, as well as a pond for fishing in the summer and ice skating in the winter.
The city also has five Little League baseball parks and one softball park.

Bowling Alley

Artesian Bowl is located just south of Martinsville on Morton Avenue. It has been renovated and has 18 lanes.

The Showplace Cinema

Located next to the Artesian Bowl on Morton Avenue, Showplace Cinema offers first run movies at a price the whole family can afford.

Theaters and Music Halls

The proximity of Martinsville to Indiana University, Bloomington and Indianapolis, allows the residents of Martinsville to enjoy a broad spectrum of the performing arts.

Morgan County Senior Centers, Inc.

The senior centers have locations in Martinsville, Morgantown, and Mooresville. The centers were formed to provide services which would enable older adults to live independently during their retirement years. Services provided include information and referral, friendly visitor, meals on wheels, transportation, recreational and educational programs, handyman, homemaker, health programs, employment referral, assessment, community service nutrition program, emergency food packages and volunteer work.

Special Events

Fourth of July Spectacular – One of Indiana’s most exciting ground and aerial fireworks displays is held yearly at Jimmy Nash Park. More than 15,000 adults and children turn out for this colorful event.

Fall Foliage Festival
– A colorful week in October culminates on the second Sunday with the second largest parade in Indiana. Each day of the festival is filled with things to do and see, including games, musical entertainment, bus tours, a flea market, and art show, the mayor’s breakfast, and several days of harvest markets around the square. The parade is highlighted with bands, floats, clowns and special Shrine units.


The Barbara B. Jordon Branch YMCA is a full facility YMCA serving the residents of Morgan County. A full range of programs is offered including adult fitness classes; water exercise programs; Y's Owl Pre-school for 3's, 4's, and 5 year old boys and girls; progressive swim lessons for youth and adults; water adjustment classes for infants (6 months to 3 Years); youth and adult lap swims; and soccer and basketball leagues.

The facility includes two racquetball courts, indoor running track, Universal weight equipment, free weights, whirlpool, sauna, men's and women's locker and shower facilities, swimming pool and two tennis courts.

The YMCA is committed to the enhancement of quality of life of people in Morgan County, particularly those who enroll as members and participate in its Judeo-Christian values-based programs and services.

Martinsville Country Club

The Martinsville Country Club was built in 1925 by W.A. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy also owned the Home Lawn Mineral Springs and the club was used in conjunction with this facility.

The course was originally designed as a nine (9) hole course. Bill Diddle as Indiana golf architect was the designer and builder. The first gold professional and course superintendent was Alf Ward. He served in this capacity until 1928 when Barney Daughtery, who came to this country from Scotland replaced him. In 1934 Don Carmichael, a local boy, replaced Daughtery. Carmichael has started at the

Mr. Carmichael operated the club as Pro, Manager and Superintendent until 1967 when he and Don Kennedy, son of W.A. Kennedy, purchased the club. In 1968 Ron and Sam Carmichael bought Don Kennedy's interest in the club.

In 1970 planning was begun for a second nine (9) holes. Bob Simmons of Kokomo was hired to design and build the additional nine (9). Construction was completed and the new nine (9) was opened for play in the summer of 1972.

The Martinsville Country Club is a picturesque eighteen (18) hole course situated in the Beautiful hills and valleys of Southern Indiana. The course plays to 6500 yards and to a par of 71. There are forty sand traps that the golfer is confronted with plus a creek that must be crossed five times during the round. Trees are in abundance at Martinsville with each hole being defined by beautiful Norway Spruce, Chinese Elms, Oaks and Red and White Pine.

If you are looking for a real golfing treat, playing Martinsville Country Club will be just what you are looking for.

Bradford Woods

Bradford Woods is a 2400 acre center for leadership training, residential outdoor education and group camping, located just 6 miles north of Martinsville.

Bradford Woods is nationally and internationally known for its leadership in the fields of school camping, camping for people with disabilities and in developing leaders to work in outdoor centers and areas.

The Facilities at Bradford Woods consist of four villages plus the manor house. Each village includes winterized group sleeping cabins, dining hall and recreation areas.

Bradford Woods is available for educational and recreational purposes for groups of 10 or more. Church groups, youth groups, civic organizations and many other types of groups have rented the facilities for meetings, retreats, luncheons and recreational outings.

Morgan-Monroe state forest provides recreation, timber management, wildlife management, watershed protection, research and preservation. No Entrance fees are charged and all facilities are on the first come, first-served basis.

Facilities Include : (23,443 acres)
* Boat Launch Ramp
* Boat Motor / Elec. Trolling only
* Camping (Class ``C" / 32 sites - family/youth)
* Dumping station
* Fishing / Ice fishing 4 Small lakes
* Hiking trails / 2 circular trails
* Hunting
* Picnicking
* Shelterhouses / 7
*Three timber management demonstration area trails, backcountry camping area
* Youth Tent Area

Internet Information About Martinsville/Morgan County

Indiana Business Research Center:


Area Senior Center
Board of Park Commissioners
Chamber of Commerce
City Park
Head Start
Veterinary Hospital

Martinsville City of . . .
Mayor's Office
City Clerk Treasurer
Fire Department, Emergency Only
Fire Department, Non-Emergency

Police Department, Emergency Only
Police Department, Non-Emergency & Other Calls

Water & Sewage Works
Sewage Treatment Plant
Utilities Office

Builder’s Assoc.
Community Service Center
Data Admin., 180 S. Main
Employment & Training
Family & Children’s Div.
Child Protection
Food Stamps
Impact Div.
Morgan County Fairgrounds
Humane Society
Morgan Health Service
Public Library
Rural Water Corp.
Soil & Water Conservation
WIC (Women, Infant & Children)

Morgan County Offices . . .
Assessor, 180 S. Main
Auditor, 180 S. Main
Board of Health, 180 S. Main
CASA, 65 N. Jefferson
Clerk, Courthouse
Commissioners, 180 S. Main
Community Corrections, 65 N. Jefferson
Court Services, 65 N. Jefferson
Circuit Court, Courthouse
Highway Dept., 5400 Blue Bluff Rd.
Magistrate Court, Courthouse
Microfilm Dept., Courthouse
Plan Commission, Courthouse
Probation, 65 N. Jefferson
Purdue Extension, 180 S. Main
Recorder, 180 S. Main
Sheriff, 160 N. Park
Superior Court I, Courthouse
Superior Court II, Courthouse
Superior Court III, Courthouse
Surveyor, 180 S. Main
Title 4D, Courthouse
Treasurer, 180 S. Main
Wraparound Services, 65 N. Jefferson
Child Protection
Food Stamps
Impact Div.

Township . . .
Washington Township Fire Dept.
Washington Township Trustee
State . . .
Indiana Dept. of Highway
U.S. . . .
Dept. of Agriculture
Indiana National Guard
Postal Service

Grandview Manor Center
The Waters
Kennedy Living Center
Ken Mar Apartments



349-4900 or 342-6614