Thank you for stopping by our Galaxy! Now that you're here, I guess you might want to know a few things about us huh? Angie is a graduate of Lock Haven University in the major of Recreation. She is working for the Boys and Girls club of Columbia, PA. Shane also attended Lock Haven.

We have been seeing each other for over three years now and are engaged. We plan to get married within the next year.

We have one Basset hound mix (with what we don't know ;) ) his name is Droopy, and a new addition, Chip. He is a Dwarf rabbit.

Don't have much else to share except for lots of links! Angie has a bunch of links to sites with Free Stuff and some other interesting sites as well. Shane has a bunch of computer site links.

But now on to our pages.

Here are a links to friends of ours that also have web pages.

If you get a chance, please send us some email!

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