Me with 4/5's of my dissertation committee. Bottom row, left to right: David Chalmers; your esteemed host; and a smidgeon of Brian Cantwell-Smith. Top, left to right: Mike Dunn and Timothy O'Connor. The missing member is Anil Gupta.

Halloween only comes once a year. That's me, the reincarnated-as-a-demon, death-row-inmate, standing next to Hugh Hefner's disenfranchised progeny, Tony. Oooooo. I'm scared.

Me about to get payback on Adam Kovach, who once just about gouged my eye out while I was struggling valiantly to win a marshmallow eating contest. Once, in a conversation about the ontology of holes, Adam passionately argued that, if he reached inside my mouth, and turned me inside out so that my asshole was pulled out my head, then the entire universe would be contained in my butt. I wasn't entirely convinced by his arguments, ingenious though they were, and Adam is still working to prove the key, lemma.

For some reason, you couldn't blow your nose in Bloomington without an Australian or two coming out. Here are three of the better ones, from left ot right, Ascha, Pragati, and Richard. Ascha and Pragati are both extremely intelligent, but, unfortunately, it is marred by their great beauty. Richard is purportedly a talented fellow in his own way, although I can't vouch for that personally.

Me with yet another Australian, Steve Crowley. Aside from being tall, powerfully built, good looking, and very, very bright, Steve hasn't a thing going for him. Just about all the Australians I've met have this tall/good-looking/brilliant/beautiful thing going on. It's like the land down under is populated by a race of gods and godesses, as far as I can tell. Weird. The dark and sinister figure in the corner, striking a pose for Rodan, is Eric Dalton, party guy.

...sleigh bells are ring-ring-ringling and jing-jing-jingling for you...Beautiful downtown Bloomington at Christmas. Gosh, makes you wonder why anyone would ever leave, doesn't it?

Me striking a pose with my friend Emily. Emily was a student in a critical thinking class I taught a few years ago, and after the semester was over she kept in touch and we ended up becoming good buddies. She's a talented artist/photographer.

Me with Jim Hardy. Does this guy look like a philosopher, or what? A very bright logician who will drive you absolutely crazy if he decides to pick an argument with you.

In a department bereft of women, here are three who had the courage to try. On the left there's Kate, a french linguist who fell into our clutches by rooming with....Karen, who is actually in the department, and occupies the middle of that troika, decked out in her elegant black dress; and that's Paige, forced into our group by marriage, smiling for the camera. When Kate's not doing manic monster impressions, she's really a babe.

Me with a bunch of my Bloomington cohorts, drinking it up at the Irish Lion. Going clockwise from left to right, that's Kate, who, when she's not staring off into the distance, is really a babe; Erik Lindland, a maniac postmodernist; Karen, who is probably thinking something ironic; yours truly, holding it all together; on the other side of me is some-guy-from-italy-whose-name-I-can't-remember; and Eric Dalton, still a party animal. Oh, and that's Craig Delancey who apparently just had some alien spore enter his mind through the back of his neck.

Not to be left out, from left to right, Chim and her husband Kip -- who actually claims to believe he's the only existing person; next, Jim Edwards, and his mistress Christie. Flush from orgasm, Christie absent mindedly plays with her hair. On the other side of the table, friends debate whether or not to tell Christie's husband Tim about the affair, finally agreeing not to in exchange for the materials they need to create an atomic bomb. Shhhhhhhhhh.

Finally, as if to prove he's more than just a brainy guy who drinks, Gregg includes some fuzzy photographs of him apparently playing rugby. Although blurry, the photos are suggestive enough to spark a worldwide frenzy of interest among interested experts in the field of Gregg studies.