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We have published our journal annually since the early 1970s. It is produced entirely by the hard work of members of the Committee who give up some of their spare time to commission articles and reviews, edit submissions and get the final copy designed and printed. The result is a readable and accessible mix of research articles, book reviews and related material. Some back issues are still available for purchase.

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Issue 27 - published December 2002

  • Editorial Michael Herbert
  • The Passing Scene
  • Fighting Deportation and for Family Unity in Greater Manchester - the Early History Steve Cohen
  • Anti-fascism in the North West: 1976-1982 Dave Renton
  • Malcolm X in Manchester and Sheffield Marika Sherwood
  • Gender, Class and Political Activism in the North West: Labour Women's Organisation in the 1970s Margaret Creaar
  • My '70s: West Of Ireland, East Of Manchester Bernadette Hyland
  • Children of the Ghetto: the Story Of the Real Thing Dave Haslam
  • A Continued Commitment to Socialism: Jim Allen's Television Drama In the 1970s Andy Willis
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? The Manchester Film and Video Workshop John Crumpton
  • The Revolution in High Lane? Direct Action Community Politics in Manchester in the 1970s Brian Doherty
  • Wrenching Apart Capitalism, Or 'Big In Dudley': the Story Of North West Spanner Eric Dalton
  • Putting a Spanner Up NAFF Don Watson
  • Music Force CP Lee
  • Northern England Dreams in Republican Spain Jo Stanley
  • Ewan Maccoll: the Debate Ben Harker and CP Lee
  • Book Reviews

Issue 26 - published December 2001

  • Editorial - Michael Herbert
  • The passing scene
  • Grass Eye: The story of an underground newspaper - Bob Dickinson
  • The Campaign for Democratic Socialism 1960 - 1964: An assessment - Richard Gorton
  • From gentlemen's club to folk festival: the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Manchester, 1958 to 1963 - Holger Nehring
  • Television drama and social change: Jim Allen in the 1960s - Andrew Willis
  • Ewan MacColl - the people's friend? - C. P. Lee
  • Liverpool in the 1960s: counter-cultural struggles on the Mersey - Jo Stanley
  • The music of the people - the Manchester folk scene: a very personal and perhaps coloured memoir - Mike Harding
  • Communist Party Biographical Project: Communism and the British labour movement: a prosopographical analysis, September 1999 - August 2001 - Andy Flinn
  • Material on the North West in the 1960s at the Pumphouse People's History Museum - Phil Dunn
  • Book reviews
cover NWLHG Journal 2001
issue 25 of North West Labour History

Issue 25 - published March 2001

  • Liverpool's Women Dockers
  • The Labour Party and the Politics of Anti-Racism in the North West: The Cases of Manchester and Liverpool
  • In Defence of the Agitator': The Role of Leaders and Activists in Industrial Disputes The Case of Sefton Unison
  • The Historian as Outsider : Writing Public History from Within and Without a Group
  • Bessie Braddock, Bevanism and the Struggle for Liverpool Exchange, 1952-55
Cover Photograph : 'Give me the moonlight...' Two of Liverpool's best known faces, Bessie Braddock and Frankie Vaughan, take the floor at the 1963 Labour Party Annual Conference at Scarborough.

Also available is a tribute to Eddie Frow, co-founder of the Working Class Movement Library and the NW Labour History Group: - 'Born with a book in his hand'.

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Issue 17: The Economics of Everyday Life :
A Mass-Observation Project in Bolton

Issue 24: 'Wicked women from Wigan and Other Tales':
Licentious Leisure and the Social Control of
Working-Class Women in Wigan and St Helens 1914-1930

Issue 25: The Historian as Outsider :
Writing Public History from Within and Without a Group

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