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Prof. Noel Buckley
Dr. Zakia Rahman
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Solid State Physics

Thin & Thick Film Technology


CAD Development

Past Research Projects :

- Dry Etching of Silicon containing Polymers (photoresists) in conjunction Philips Research Labs., Eindhoven (PRLE) for application in submicron photolithography.

- Development of an optical lithography, liquid phase silylation and dry development process for device isolation in an SOI CMOS process for Analog Devices B.V., Limerick.


Current Research Projects:


- Development of the coupled Image Reversal and DESIRE process to achieve a positve system for sub-half micron lithography.

- Modelling of the silylation process using finite element analysis. 

- Development of a Phase Shift Mask (PSM) for optical lithography using the silylation process.


Research Supervision

[1] J.J. Kinsella  - "Modelling and simulation of silylation using finite element analysis",  M.Eng. Thesis, transfered to PhD to be submitted December, 2002. Fully sponsored by Intel Ireland Ltd.

[2] J. Schinagl - "Fabrication of a Phase Shift Mask using the silylation process", M.Eng.    Thesis, submitted August, 1998. The research was fully sponsored by Intel Ireland Ltd.

[3] Saleh M. Zleetni - "Electrical and optical studies on radiation damage of RE : Phthalocyanine thin and thick films". Master in science Thises, to be submitted August, 2002, or transfer to Ph.D.

[4] Miroslav Mihov - "Design of 40 nm lines/spaces in 1 micron Shipley SPR510A resist", Master to be transfer to PhD. Fully sponsored by Intel Ireland Ltd. Thises, to be submitted September, 2002. Co-supervisor.

[5] Deirdre Beegan - "Control of adhesion, stress, microstructure and resistivity of Cu thin films deposited by IBAD on Si". M. Sc. in Physics Thesis, to be submitted September 2002. Co-supervisor.

[6] Eric Dalton - "Microscopic Earthquakes: fundamental causes of abrupt resistance changes in electromigration". M. Sc. in Physics Thesis, to be submitted September 2002. Co-supervisor.


Links to some semiconductor manufacturing companies:

Intel Ltd.       Analog Devices, Inc.

Dr. Vincent Casey
Dr. George McClelland
Dr. David Corcoran
Dr. Michael Laugier 
Dr. Martin Leahy


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