I spent the last semester of my undergraduate education (Spring 1987) studying Mayan archeology and rainforest ecology in Belize and Guatemala. This is the huge, collapsed chamber of a cavern in Belize; that's a 90 meter vertical drop behind me, so I didn't get to see any of the interior.

Riding a double-decker in London, 1988.

The research group that taught me most of what I know about philosophy and about working in a team to solve problems. Here we are graced with the presence of the widow of the philosopher Gustav Bergmann. L --> R: Eric Dalton, Mrs. Bergmann, myself, Karen Leigh Brown, Nino Cocchiarella, Adam Kovach, and Tim Maletic. This was taken in 1992, in the evening after the Gustav Bergmann Memorial Conference that we helped organize.

My acrobatic cat.

With my brother Chris, circa 1996. Chris is a world-class carpenter (he came in first for New York in a state-wide contest a few years ago), and a proud union man.

Skiing in the Dolomites, New Years 1998, with some of our good friends (L --> R: Sabrina, Rosa, Grazia, Edward, mia moglie bellissima Lorena, myself, and Maria).

The one-man robot factory, Mark Tilden, sets me straight at one of the Thursday barbecues at the 1998 NSF Neuromorphic Computation Workshop ("Telluride 1998").

My daughter, Aletheia Paolina DeLancey, shortly after her birth on 12 March 1999.