The first Ballarat Football game was played at the Copenhagen Grounds on April 27, 1860.
                    The Western Oval stands on part of the original sight.  The first Redan game was reported in
                    the "Ballarat Star" Saturday September 2, 1871, a team formed from the gold diggings, the
                    average weight of the team was 14 Stone (90kg). There is a photo of the Redan Rovers dated

                    Redan competed as an U/21 side and were very successful.  In 1943 it joined the BFL as a
                    senior team.  In 1946 the BFL was reconstituted and re-formed which saw Redan premiers
                    with Steve Bayley as coach.  A young Keith Rowle from Essendon arrived in 1950 to coach
                    Redan for seven years.  In 1952 the team were premiers and champions.

                    Redan was a finals team in the 1950's and 1960's but the next success was with John Northey
                    as playing coach in 1975, followed by 1976 and 1977.  This was a time of great excitement and

                    A number of Redan players have gone on to VFL/AFL success.  Ron Andrews, Essendon captain
                    1982 and Graham Gellie a St.Kilda player and coach.

                    The club has a proud history of 52 premierships and 10 Henderson Medal Winners.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Ian Pym (03 5343 4329)

Redan team of the 20th Century

                    B:        Cal Howlett                                Barry Cheatley                               Don Discher
                    HB:      Garry English                            Ron Andrews                                 Ken Nunn
                    C:        Terry McAliece                           Graeme Gellie                               Len Templar
                    HF:      John Northey (C)                         Les Borrack                                   Eric Dalton
                    F:        Graeme Willey                            Colin Chester                                Greg Packham
                    R:        Bud Annand                               Michael Smith                               Keith Rawle (VC)
                    I:         Bill McKenzie                 Stan Webb                Ray Murphy               Ken Delaland
                    E:        John Burt                       Ian Baker                  Greg Wood                Claude Howard

                    Captain/Coach: John Northey
                    Trainer: Val Stewart