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Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques ®

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for Head, Neck and Low Back Pain with Erik Dalton, Ph.D.


Certified Homestudy, Videos, DVDs, Manuals & International Seminars


  • Break chronic pain cycles with innovative massage bodywork techniques.
  • Earn National & State continuing education credits/ CEUs.
  • Receive “Myoskeletal Therapist" national certification.
  • Collect manuals & state-of-the-art videos in DVD or VHS.
  • #1 selling massage therapy Home Study program -90 day money back guarantee.
  • Attend a hands-on therapy workshop.

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Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques®

Teaching the sports therapist, physical therapist, personal trainer, chiropractor, and Swedish massage therapist how to beat the neuromuscular pain game with innovative myofascial release skills!


View sample video clips from Volume I, Volume 2 or Volume 3

Order Online or call 800-709-5054

Dalton's Dirty Dozen Myoskeletal Techniques live at ChiroChat


Incorporate hands-on muscle balancing manual therapy with joint mobilization maneuvers. Learn dynamic massage techniques to identify and correct conditions such as sciatica, lumbago, scoliosis, rib pain, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel, forward head postures, anterior scalene syndrome and Dowager’s Humps.  

  • Perform a 5-minute neck, low back, shoulder, and hand evaluation. 

  • Lengthen only the hypertonic (tight) muscles.

  • Tonify weak, inhibited muscles using fast-paced spindle stimulating maneuvers.

  • Identify and dig-out fibrosis in deep spinal muscles that lock facet joints open or closed.

  • Evaluate painful neck, shoulder, elbow, and hand structures using ART = Asymmetry, Restriction of motion and Tissue texture abnormality.

  • Relieve Tension, Trauma, and Poor Posture for long-lasting massage pain management.


Combine Bodywork manual therapy techniques from:

  • Myofascial Release

  • Rolfing®

  • Manipulative Osteopathy

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Assisted Stretching

  • Dalton's joint capsule and receptor recoil routines


Convenient and widely accessible Massage Continuing Education


Certified Massage Home Study program

 Use distance learning to study at your own pace, while earning national massage therapy credits/ CEUs for certification.


Therapists Certified in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques -listings for U.S. and Canada


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