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Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
Meeting of Board of Directors
Thursday, November 6, 1997
Monona Terrace, Madison

Roll Call

Rebecca Greenlee called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m. In attendance were Fred Dichter, Sharon Drew, Marilyn Dreger, Rebecca Greenlee, Richard Hollern, Mary Triggiano Hunt, Larry Kahn, William Kowalski, Sherwood Malamud, Lori Phelps, Jo Ann Prust, Eva Soeka and John Wylie. William Jennaro also participated by phone.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Financial Report

Mary Triggiano Hunt, reported that as of September 30, 1997 the Section's total revenues were $3,292, total expenses were $31, carryforward was $2,159 leaving total funds available of $5,420. As of October 1, 1997, Section membership was 227 which is three short of total membership (230) as of 1/97.

Midwinter Convention Program

Fred Dichter reported that Kimberly Kovac will be the featured speaker at the January midyear meeting (jointly sponsored with the Litigation Section), however Eric Dalton cannot make it. A panel discussion including Richard Cayo will follow. It had been originally decided that we would be paying her $500 as a stipend. Question arose as to whether this was an adequate amount for a nationally known speaker. Question also arose as to what her anticipated travel expenses would be. Fred was directed to look into whether payment of a stipend of $500 and travel expenses were available through the State Bar's speaker's fund, and if not, the Section would pay the difference. After further discussion, Fred was authorized to negotiate up to $1,000 as a stipend plus travel expenses (he to use his discretion based upon what travel expenses amount to).

John Wylie reported that the Bar has approached our Section regarding doing a training program for attorneys in ADR.


Jo Ann Prust reported concerning the newsletter and solicited articles such as book reviews, article reviews, and personal experiences. The deadline for the next newsletter is December 1, 1997.

Jo Ann also inquired whether a policy should be developed regarding newsletter advertising of upcoming programs sponsored by both private and non-profit sponsors. Discussion included whether we should differentiate between advertising as a mediator vs training opportunities. Without any policy, Jo Ann had some concern that the newsletter could become unwieldy and full of advertising. The same concerns may arise in terms of developing the Section's home page on the State Bar web site. It was the consensus that the president create a committee to formulate a policy dealing with the issue of advertising and what notices we will publish re training sessions in both the newsletter and on the ADR Section's home page which will be circulated for comment to the Board.

Upcoming Convention Programs

Various topics were suggested for the June, 1998 Bar Convention including ADR and adult guardianships, special ed, and marketing. It was thought that perhaps consideration be given to offering alternative workshop sessions during the same time frame. Fred Dichter was designated the program chair; he to develop and propose the June program. John Wylie offered to work with him.

Section Leaders Advisory Council

John Wylie reported on the Section Leaders Advisory Council meeting which he attended representing the ADR Section. As such he sought endorsement of the Council's actions re the proposed relocation of the Bar Association office. Discussion on this topic was tabled. John further reported on the status of Project Vision which is part of the Bar Strategic Planning. Motion made, seconded and unanimously carried adopting the mission statement as drafted by John Wylie (previously circulated to board members) as the position of the Board.

Long-range Planning Retreat

Larry Kahn proposed the Board consider a retreat at which we could do some long range planning. This is to be put on a future agenda. Larry was instructed to investigate and make a proposal at the Spring meeting.


The next meeting of the Board will be held on January 29, 1998, prior to our program.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Drew, Secretary pro tem

State Bar of Wisconsin

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