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MGSC 798 -- Spring 2000

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Web Release

31 March -- From Andrew Oberhammer -- It seems that not only the auto industry is going the route of B2B exchanges: This week, the US airline manufacturers announced a plan similar to the automobile manufacturers. The article also mentions steps the paper industry has taken and what is on the bubble for other industries.

30 March -- From Rich Cannon -- Readings in Preparation for Tuesday's Class on Web Design and Consulting -- In addition to the readings outlined on your syllabus, I suggest that you may want to go to the library or book store and pick up and browse through one or more of the following web design books we have found useful: 

1. Futurize Your Enterprise -- David Siegel
2. Designing Business -- Clement Mok (may be out of print)
3. Secrets of Successful Web Sites - David Siegel
4. Designing Web Usability -- Jakob Nielson

30 March -- From Harald Luckerbauer --Does e-commerce pose a threat to the MBA? In the US, since 1998 a number of top MBA schools have seen a decline in applications. Notably among these schools were Stanford (-6.4%), Berkeley (-10.6%), and MIT (-8.3%). In contrast, Harvard, Wharton and Columbia amongst others, are still dealing with 10%+ annual increases in numbers of applicants. These schools are moving towards becoming "clicks and mortar" business schools (a term coined by Andy Grove CEO of Intel) by investing heavily in developing technology facilities within their campus.

NET SPEED AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET - Scientists at Lucent's Bell Labs have set a new record for transmitting data over fiber-optic cable by moving 3.28 terabits per second of data over 300 kilometers of Lucent's TrueWave optical fiber.  At this rate, Lucent's fiber in one second could transmit three times the volume of daily Internet traffic for the whole world.  Within years, fiber-optic cable could move tens of thousands of terabits per second of data.  This tremendous bandwidth growth will be fueled by the speed of lasers used to encode data and the number of wavelengths a single fiber can carry at once, says AT&T Labs President David Nagel.  Researchers are now developing terabit lasers, and the number of pulses a single laser produces is doubling every 18 months.  In addition, the number of wavelengths a single fiber can carry at one time is doubling every year.  Eighty-wavelength systems are already available, and scientists are working on 1,000-wavelength systems.  The Bell Labs' record accounts for less than half a percent of the potential capacity of current optical networks, according to Kerry Vahala, professor of applied physics at the California Institute of Technology. (Wired News, 21 March 2000)


28 March -- From dr.k. - Remainder - April 4 Class with Rich Cannon will run from 5:15-7:50PM (Both sections 1 & 2). Topic: Managerial and Technical Issues in Web Design and Consulting. The first half of class (5:15-6:30) will cover web design issues. The second half of class (roughly 6:40  - 7:50  will be directed at fielding student project related questions. Each group leader should prepare and discuss (1-2 minutes max.) one major pressing problem from their consulting study that they would like Rich to address based on his experience. 

28 March -- From dr.k. - All class notes are posted and up-to-date. Upon investigation, the trouble I was having last week with posting the PPT lecture slides to the FTP server was the result of "theweb" server's disk being full. When I tried to ftp slides it would truncate my files and caused them to be corrupted. The computer department has cleared  more space on the "theweb" and the notes have all been uploaded and are working.  ..............Time for a web hosting service?

28 March -- From dr.k. - Eric Dalton writes :  Want to get a smart card? Apply for American Express' new Blue Card at: They also offer a free electronic wallet and a card reader for on line shopping.

14 March 2000 -- From dr. k. - 2 nice features in Business 2.0 - The 10 Driving Principles of the New Economy - a set of ten important essays on the eEconomy click here. Also, a set of articles that I found very useful on Internet start-ups. Read all about it: - CONCEPT... Also read related articles: BUILD, PEOPLE,  and LAUNCH.


13 March 2000 -- From dr. k. - Various e-mail I have received over the past two weeks, I need to share with you!

Eric Dalton writes: This article arrived with today's Business Week. Pertinent, Relevant, and Timely -  

Peter Weathers writes:  Here's the surgery auction site I mentioned to you in class last night. Let me know if you get a good deal on a bunion removal.

Andrew F. Oberhammer writes: I don't know if you saw the following article. I thought it was interesting -  

Gordon Whiting writes:  [Gordon.Whiting@IIM-AR.COM] I found the course outline for class 6A to be quite interesting - especially the part about AUCNET. I developed the Aucnet back office vehicle inspection, tracking and billing systems ( the auction software came from Japan). While Aucnet has been a great success in Japan, it was a failure in the United States. They were in operation from 9/94 thru 6/98. Technically, it worked as advertised, but the used car market is drastically different in this country. Lesson to be learned: Electronic commerce will succeed in some cultures and fail in others because of general market differences.

10 March 2000 -- From Dixon -- I have tallied the Research Briefings rankings from the emails I received. Each groups votes were weighted such that a 1st place vote received 1 pt. while a 10th place vote received 1/10 pt.  The weighted pts. were then totaled by topic. The resulting top 10 websites are given below.



Weighted Score


Choosing a Web Server



Internet Taxation



Future of Music on the Internet



Sales Force Automation



Issues of Trust in B2B and B2C


6 Consumer Electronic Payments 12.8
7 European vs. US EC models 12.0
8 On-line Banking Services 11.8
9 Third Generation Internet 11.3
10 Mobile Internet 11.2

You may contact me if you wish to know the exact ranking of your team's Research Briefing website as evaluated by your classmates.

3 March 2000-- From Ahmed Elaasar -- Good Glossary of eBusiness Terms -- Click Here  you will find a glossary that I think is pretty useful. I also read a great article on enabling B2B e-commerce, click here to view it! 

3 March 2000-- From Alex  Kuruz --- Upcoming Event All USC eBusienss Students Welcome. *** The Duke E-Business Forum For High Tech and Growth Companies *** Saturday, March 25, 2000 - Registration starts at 7:30 a.m This forum is hosted by the Business Technology Club at Duke University's  Fuqua School of Business & generously sponsored by IBM, Nortel Networks and  iXL. What is e-Vision? e-Vision brings together students, faculty, industry visionaries, and business leaders to interact with each other and explore the business topics that are most prevalent today in the age of Internet.  Don't miss this one! Participating organizations are as follows: AOL * Auction Rover* Borders Online* Deloitte Consulting* DoubleClick* Ernst & Young * Foveon * * Gartner Group * * Hoovers Online  * IBM * The Industry Standard * InterSouth Partners * iXL Enterprise * Lending Tree* MicroMass Communications * NetVendor, Inc.* Ninth House* Nortel Networks* * Business 2.0 Magazine * Quaero, LLC * RoadRunner/Time Warner * S-1 (Security First)  * * Shop.Microsoft  * Simon Properties/* * Total Sports * TRUSTe * Varsity Books * Viant * Yahoo! Visit  for more information and directions to the show.

2 March 2000-- From dr. k --- Have a Great Spring Break --- But Don't Forget --- Reminder - Please e-mail your top 10 research briefing rankings to Dixon by 5 PM Friday March . Please review each team's (from both sections) Research Briefing websites. Then based on your opinion, please rank order from highest (highest being number 1) to lowest (being number 10) the 10 most useful and informative websites.  You can include your own website in your ranking, if you believe it is within the top 10. Please e-mail Dixon Wilcox at your rankings. You need only list the research briefings topic titles and your numeric rankings. 

In making your deliberations, you might consider the criteria by which your website will be graded, including:

  1. Usefulness/Content -  How useful is the information? -  comprehensive, clear, and concise?
  2. Organization/Ease-of-use - Is the site well organized and easy to navigate? Are topic headings well used (a TOC or bookmarks)? 
  3. Aesthetics - Websites are a predominately visual communication medium.  The site should be visually appealing. Use graphics enough to be professional but don't overload.
  4. Supporting material - How useful are the links to other sites?  Does it give some indication of what the linked site has in store. 

Other specific aspects which you may wish to consider could be:

All your e-mail responses to Dixon will be confidential. While these ranking will not influence my grading of your research briefing, I will announce in class the top 10 ranked research briefing websites according to your colleagues' rankings. 

25 February  2000 -- From Dr. K --  We Predicted It! Read all about it -- click here.

25 February  2000 -- From Dr. K --  Don't forget to e-mail and set a time up so that I can meet with your group to discuss the progress of your projects. Times still available March 1 (late afternoon and early evening) or March 2 - morning and late afternoon; Or, March 15 all day, March 16 all day. Please try to schedule within one of these time slots. Also have your project status report with you for these meetings.

22 February 2000 -- From Dixon -- If you have not done so already, please send me an email  containing the address of the version of your research briefing that is intended for grading so that I can include the link on the Student Homepages and E-mail Page.

21 February 2000 11PM-- From Dr.K.-- Please note the following change in our course plan. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Mark Grondin of had to postpone his Tuesday February 29 talk to the class until Tuesday March 14. To accommodate this change, we will move the our B-B (Part 1) class from March 14 to February 29. Please checked the revised syllabus' course plan and schedule for further details. Also, please check for other confirmed speakers and classes.

15 February 2000 3PM --From Dixon -- As a reminder, please email me your web page address when you have completed your personal web page assignment. Sent it to: I will take a look at it and let you know if any requirements are not met. If you do not hear from me you can assume that you have met all the requirements. Also, Please have your Research Briefing links working by February 22. Note: you only need to upload one copy of your research briefing to the server. This copy can reside in any of the team members directories with appropriate navigation from and back to each members homepage.  Keeping multiple copies in various directories usually leads to confusion and inconsistencies. You will need to send me the address of the briefing (including the htm file name) when you are done. Thanks.

14 February 2000 1PM -- From Dr. K. - What's your dot-com IQ? Just for fun, I thought I'd toss out a quick questionnaire that very unscientifically determines how far down the electronic commerce path you've traveled, both from personal and professional standpoints. What's your dot-com IQ? click here and find out. 

By the way, you can also test your eIQ (emotional IQ) by clicking here. And, you can take the classic intelligence IQ test by clicking here.  Now that you are completely depressed, you can go back to work on your Dutch Flower case that is due tomorrow. 

9 February 2000 5PM -- DOT.COM SUPER BOWL TELEVISION ADS DRIVE MAJOR INCREASES IN UNIQUE VISITORS ACCORDING TO MEDIA    leads the pack with several newcomers close behind. Media Metrix reports top TV Super Bowl advertiser's payoffs  - click here for story and stats.

9 February 2000 4PM -- From Dr. K. -- Don't Forget-- We Have Class Tomorrow --  Thursday 2/10 6:15-8:00PM
both Section 1&2 will meet at this time.

1 February 2000 1:22PM -- From Dr. K. It looks like we will have class on Thursday 2/10 from 6:15-8:00PM. I will confirm this via the Announcements page next week.

In addition, I have tentatively scheduled a Darren Ware, Director of Marketing at Visualcom as a guest speaker for Thursday March 16 for 6:00 - 7:45pm.  I will confirm as we move closer to this date. The topic: EBusiness in Latin America: Examining International Business Models. I have updated the syllabus to reflect these changes.

1 February 2000 9AM--  From Dixon Wilcox - I have scheduled a Web building tutorial session for the afternoon of Monday, February 7 from 4:00 - 6:30 in the 335 computer lab. This session is designed for students with little or no prior Web page building experience. Also, I have scheduled the 701 computer lab on February 14 and 16 from 4:00 to 6:30 in the afternoon. I, or Khawja Saeed, will be available in the lab during those times to answer any questions you may have regarding your Web building assignment. Finally, you can also e-mail me questions at Don't forget, the online website design tutorial is available at You should ftp your personal WebPages, as well as your Research Briefing websites, to the class' student directories at Make sure you put your files under your own subdirectory!

31 January 2000 11:22PM -- From David Humphrey --I found this article about IBM's contribution to the XML in today's NY Times and thought it might be of interest. Here's a link to the article.

31 January 2000 11:00PM -- From Shane Bell ( - Subject: Firewalls.  Vicomsoft has an informative document about Firewall Security which is interesting to both novice and advanced users at: I just thought you might like to put a link to it from your site. The document is neutral from the point of view of vendors or service providers, but it does answer a lot of questions frequently asked by users involved with Firewall Security. 

28 January 2000 11:22AM -- From Dr. K. - -The results are in! Companies have been selected and teams can commence work!  Click to access listing of company teams and members. Teams should make initial contact with the designated contact person listed below in the company descriptions. Good Luck!

27 January 2000 10AM-- From Dr. K. -- a review of the Student Home Pages & E-mail still reveals that many students have not e-mailed Dixon Wilcox with their research briefing topics. Please form your briefing teams very soon, make your topic selection and send your choices to Dixon at he will post your choices to the website. Ning Chang is looking for a team (!

27 January 2000  9:39AM -- From Dr. K.--  To confirm, we will have a class today (Thursday January 27) from 6:15-8:00PM to discuss the Ford case, both sections 1 and 2 should attend. We will also finalize project selections.

Tuesday Feb 1 we will have a guest speaker, Rich Cannon -- CEO Renaissance Interactive, from 5:15– 7:50. Both sections 1 and 2 will attend during this time. There will not be an earlier class for section 2 on this date. Both sections will end class at 7:50PM.

26 January 2000 3:30 PM -- From Dr. K.-- Candidate Companies for SOAP 2000 Available Through Student Lottery --Please review and be ready to make your selection on Thursday January 27.


       DO NOT CONTACT any person at these companies until such time as I have officially assigned the company to your team.

      Once your group has been assigned a firm, please contact the person designated with an asterisk "*". This is your main contact at the company and the person that will arrange your subsequent interviews and data collection.

      You must be very effective in your interactions with each company. Unless the company designates otherwise, you have only 15 hours of on-site contact time (This is the condition I committed to in the agreement with each firm to participate in the project). You must very carefully plan all contacts and meetings before you go on-site to ensure that you gather the information you need within this 15-hour contact limit. If the company requests more on-site contact time and/or the team would like to spend more time on site, please speak to me and we will discuss it.



Nature of the Business

Est. Revenue

R.L. Bryan Inc.
301 Greystone Blvd.
PO Box 368
Columbia SC 29202

*Mr. Ronald Sanders
Vice President & CEO
v. 803-343-6707
f. 803-343-6727

Office Supply, Printing, Textbook Distribution

Unknown - medium

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of SC
I-20 East at alpine Rd.
Columbia SC 29219

(possibility of 2 projects)

  *Terry Povey , Research Analyst 803-736-9289

Thomas G. Faulds
Exec. VP
ext. 42009


Project 1:  Physician-based  transactions B2B. Examine strategic direction with physicians regarding web enabled healthcare transactions (i.e. checking member, eligibility with health plans, submitting claims via the Internet, submitting referrals to managed care plans, etc.)

Project 2: web enabled marketing of insurance products and working with agents and brokers.


Conita Technologies Inc.
1200 Main St.
Suite 900
Columbia SC 29201

*Thomas Militello
VP Marketing
v. 888-481-8433
v alt. 803-733-2555 ext. 23

Interactive virtual assistants and software entities that converse in English


Unknown - small -medium


Capsugel Inc.
535 North Emerald Road
Greenwood, SC 29646

*Bob Whitelaw, VP Marketing

Mr. Daniel Healy
v:  864-942-6511
f: 888.783.6360

Division of Warner- Lambert, Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical GelCaps

Unknown - large

Loxscreen Co. Inc.
1630 Old Dunbar Road
West Columbia SC
PO Box 4004
West Columbia SC 29171

J. Wayne Parrish Jr.
President and CEO
Kay McCord, Marketing  Mgr.
*Curt Rone, CFO
Hank Redick Mgr. of  IS
v. 803-822-8200

Manufacturer of Aluminum and plastic profile extrusions


Outdoor Advertising Inc.
1207 Lincoln St. Suite 333
Columbia SC 29201
P0 Box 11384 29211
Columbia SC|

*Danny Stevenson
Marc Atchley

v. 803-252-9130

Outdoor Advertisement Agency


Roper Personnel Services
220 Executive Center Drive
Winthrop Building, Suite 110
PO Box 21009
Columbia SC 29221

*George C. Roper
President, CEO
v. 803-798-8500
f. 803-798-5691

Temporary Services, Recruiting Services, Employee Leasing

13-14 M

Quaker Chemical
P.O. Box 554
Columbia, South Carolina 29202
803-765-9520 *
1-800-849-9520 (USA)

803-765-9522 (FAX)

*Marshall Copeland
Vice President, Sales


Chemical manufacturer and distributor

Unknown – small/ medium

Seibels Bruce Group, Inc
1501 Lady Street
PO Box 1
Columbia SC 29202

*Susan Kenney
Dir. Marketing
Melinda Hyderick
Director, Information Systems
v. 803-748- 2374

Insurance Company

Unknown - medium

South Carolina Net Inc.
Palmetto Center
1426 Main St., Suite 1000
Columbia SC 29201


*Mark Stokes, Sen. Mgr. for Business Development and Customer Relations
v. 255-4003

W. J. Jordan CEO
v. 771-7476
f. 771-7436

Telecommunications company

Unknown - medium

Southland Log Homes Inc.
7521 Broad River Road
PO Box 1668
Irmo SC 29263

*Mr. Joe Taylor
President, CEO
V 803-781-5100 ext. 4601

Manufacturer and                               Retailer of Log Homes

Unknown - small/


Specialty Electronics
19200 Asheville Highway
P.O. Box 519 Landrum SC 29356 

 *Joe Slyman, 
Telephone: 803 540-0298

Jeff Chadwick - Director of Sales
Phone: 864-457-3824
A global manufacturer and supplier of quality electronic connector products.

Unknown -


26 January 2000 1Pm -- From Dr. K. - - For all you would be folks. click here

25 January 2000 2:15PM -- Afternoon Guest Speaker Update -- At this point I have not hear anything to suggest that our guest speaker is not coming. So, we will have class tonight.   If, however, you feel you can not safely make it to class today, please to not feel compelled come.  As noted earlier, Section 2 will first meet between 5:00-6:00 and Section 1 will meet from 7:45- 8:45. Both Section 1 and 2 will attend a guest lecture between 6:15-7:45. 

25 January 2000 12:20 -- From Dr. K. -- I have received reports that some students are confused about whether  we will have class. One more time. As of 9AM this morning the USC main web page stated we have classes starting at 11AM.  It was not until about 10:30AM that USC announced on their web page that classes would be cancelled for the day. Therefore I could not alert our guest speaker that we were having a cancellation until after he had left to come here. Therefore, we have a guest speaker that is flying in to speak tonight. I have no way to directly communicate with this person between now and when the class begins  tonight.  Therefore, at  this time, I must assume that he will be speaking tonight. I will be there and encourage you to attend if you can safety make it. If not, stay home.

25 January 2000 9AM -- From Dr. K. -- Well I trust you survived the greatest snowfall since Hurricane Hugo! The sun is out and according to the USC webpage we will have class tonight as scheduled. As noted earlier, Section 2 will first meet between 5:00-6:00 and Section 1 will meet from 7:45- 8:45. Both Section 1 and 2 will attend a guest lecture between 6:15-7:45. In this regards, I am sorry to report that i just learned that Dave Cozzens will not be able to get here given traveling problems.  In his place we are lucky to have John Dobbs, one of the other principle strategist within Cambridge's Digital Business Strategy practice. Let keep our fingers crossed that his flight connections will be made and that he will be able to join us on time. 

25 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. -- Your SOAP assignment states: Firm consulting teams should be established (by 1/21/00) - Students will form consulting teams of 5 students to investigate firms.  Each team will select a project leader who will act as spokesperson and Point of Contact (POC) for the team.  Team leader should e-mail the instructor with the names of team members. 

I would like project leaders to send me the full names of each study team member before class today, if you have not already done so!

 25 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. -- Based on substantial student requests to "get going", I am moving the project selection dates up to Thursday January 27th class. Please solidify your own contacts today and tomorrow and have reviewed the list of potential companies I have listed below. We will conduct a drawing for draft selection order. Please be prepared to make a final selection on Thursday night. It is best to have several different company fall back positions!

18 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. -- It now appears that we will have a total of 13 teams (5 students each) across both class sections. I encourage you to continue to look for a company that you might be interested in working with over the semester. 

I have also been working on securing some companies interested in participating in our class project. The following companies have conveyed to me an initial commitment  to participate in the our class project as clients if they were selected by student teams. As I mentioned, we will conduct a drawing for order of selection and teams will have the right to either go with the company they have contacted (if they have secured a company) or go with one I have found:

Additional Firms that have committed to student teams already:
- Providence Hospital - Terry Rossiter
- Cason Group - Wes Bright
- Verian, Charoltte NC - Shea Lawrence -

Several of these firms are rather small companies and you certainly might to better finding a company on your own. 

I may add one or two more companies to this list, as commitments come in, but I do not anticipate that I will adding many more. Please do not contact any of the companies above until I give you permission after our drawing.

18 January 2000 --  From  Harald Luckerbauer -- Wanted Team Members--- Project at Xerox Developing Markets Operations (DMO) - Stamford Connecticut. click here for more info.

17 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. -- NOTE: I will make changes to our syllabus course schedule/plan as speaker dates and class scheduling changes are confirmed. I suggest that you refer to the web-based syllabus, as opposed to the paper syllabus that I handed out in the 1st class, for the final word on scheduling. 

16 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. -- On Tuesday January 25 we will have a guest speaker, David Cozzens -- Vice President of Digital Strategy, Cambridge Technology Partners, from 6:15 - 7:45PM. Both Section 1 and 2 will attend this session. Section 2 will also meet between 5:00-6:00 and Section 1 will meet from 7:45- 8:45.

Unless I let you know otherwise,  Tuesday Feb 1 we will have a guest speaker, Rich Cannon -- CEO Renaissance Interactive, from 6:15 – 8:50. Both sections 1 and 2 will attend during this time. There will not be an earlier class for section 2 on this date.

15 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. -- As it appears now,  we will have a class on Thursday January 27 6:15-8:00PM to discuss the Ford case, both sections 1 and 2 should attend. I will finalize this one week before the class. 

14 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. -- I have heard from several teams already and I am glad to learn that you have some very strong leads on possible consulting clients. As I promised, listed below are the names of companies that have participated in this course in the past. Unless you have a specific lead with one of these companies that would suggest they want further consulting assistance, I would suggest that you do not contact these companies. 

Companies Participating in a SOAP in the Past

Nature of Business

Revenue Estimate

Affinity Technology
Columbia SC 29201 

Manufacturer of IT software and hardware products for the banking.

5 year old Set-up

AMBAC International
Blythewood SC

Manufacturer of new and rebuilt carburetors


Climatic Corp.
2270 LeGrand Road
P.O. Box 25189
Columbia SC29224

Wholesale distributor of heating, air conditioners and appliances


Colite International, Ltd.
PO Box. 4005
W. Columbia, SC 29171

Outdoor Sign Manufacturer

Unknown - small - medium

Davis - Garvin Companies
1 Fernandina Court
Columbia SC 29212

Holding Company for several Insurance Related Businesses including Davis-Garvin Agency, Capital City Insurance, a claims operations company, a premium audit company.


Ducane Co. Inc.
800 Dutch Square Blvd.
Suite 200
Columbia SC 29210

Manufacturer of gas grills and HVAC equipment



Eastern Medical and Surgical
Charleston SC

Regional medical equipment distributor

Unknown - medium

Ellett Brothers Inc.
267 Columbia Avenue
Chapin, SC 29036


Marketer and supplier of hunting and shooting, marine, camping, archery and other related outdoor sporting goods products and accessories.


Fairmont Tamper Inc.
2401 Edmunds Road
Cayce SC 29171-0200

International manufacturer of railroad equipment


Global Trade Information Services Inc. (GTI)
2218 Devine St.
Columbia SC 29205

Global Trade Infomediary

Unknown - small

KryoTech Inc.
724 Chris Drive, Suite 110
West Columbia SC 29169

Manufacturers of Personal supercomputer processors

Unknown - medium - start-up

LaserPrint  Services
3038 McNaughton Drive
Columbia  SC 29223

Laser Printing Cartridge Re-manufacturer and Supplier

Unknown - small - medium

Mac Kohn Printing, Inc.
1601 Key Road
PO Box 1016
Columbia SC 29202

Large printing company & MKP Interactive & printing distribution services


Paradyme Human Resources Suite 1150, 1901 Main St.
Columbia SC 29201

Professional Employment Services

Unknown - medium

PassAm and PassAmTech
PO Box 6494
Columbia  SC 29260
Hong Kong< Paris

Plastic Product OEM, Specialty Goods Distributor and Trade Show Merchandiser

Unknown - small/ medium

Richtex Brick
Brickyard Road
PO Box 3307
Columbia SC 29230

Southeast Brick and Building Material Manufacturer


1426 Main St.
Columbia SC 29201
MC 161
Columbia SC 29201

Energy Company

>1 billion

Southeastern Freight Lines Inc.
420 Davega Road
Lexington, SC 29073

Large trucking and transportation company


Thomas & Howard
209 Flintlake Road
Columbia SC 29223

Grocery Distributor


Wilbur Smith Associates
PO Box 5876
1301 Gervais St.
Columbia SC 29201

An international consulting and engineering firm specializing in transportation planning, engineering and economics.



In addition, based on previous discussions that I have had with these companies in past years, please do not solicit the companies listed below`:

- AVX Corporation, Myrtle Beach
- R. L. Bryan, Columbia
- Capsugel, Greenwood
- Conita Technologies, Columbia
- Loxscreen, West Columbia
- Outdooor Advertising, Columbia
- Pirelli Cable, Lexington
- Resources Bancshares Mortgage, Columbia
- Roper Personnel Services, Columbia
- Seibels Bruce Group Inc., Columbia
- South Carolina Net Inc., Columbia
- Southland Log Homes, Columbia
- SONOCO Products Inc., Hartsville
- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of SC, Columbia

An important source of potential companies would appear to be companies where IMBA, MBA and MIBS alumni are working! As well as companies that have sponsored internships and field consulting projects in the past.

13 January 2000 -- Dino Zannetos shares this article on B2B-- "B2B business boom"

Companies organizing on-line auctions for businesses are hot stocks for new century. By Staff Writer Hope Hamashige January 11, 2000: 3:00 p.m. ET 

12 January 2000 -- From Dr. K. --The class lecture notes can be downloaded or viewed in PowerPoint from the subdirectory. Out of courtesy I suggest that you do not print the slides in their full size format on the school printer. The files are quite large. I suggest that you download the files to a disk and read then just like any other PowerPoint file. If you must print the files, print the slides at 6 slides per page. Go to the PowerPoint print menu, under "print what," select 6 slides per page. This approach saves paper, processing time and has little impact on the readability of the slides.


8 January 2000 -- WELCOME TO MGSC798 -- Strategic information Management. I look forward to fantastic semester!

We will use this announcement page to stay current with course events. Please check it periodically for updates and changes to our course plan.

As a first announcement, I wanted to let everybody know that the Ford Motor Company and the KPMG teaching cases have been ordered from Harvard Business School and should be arriving at the USC College Bookstore on Greene Street on Friday.

Take care, --- more announcements to come. Again, it is great to be working with you! Best regards, Dr.K.

For Further Information Contact:

Dr. William J. Kettinger
University of South Carolina
voice: 803-777-2940
URL: []

to MGSC798

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