The following is a list of those former Chatham A's players who played in the major leagues at some point in their careers. Indeed the odds of making it to the major league level are long. Approximately one out of every eleven players who are drafted actually put on a major league uniform at some point in their careers. Many of today's current major leaguers played on the fields of the Cape Cod Baseball League. As proud as we are of those who made it to the major league level, we are equally proud of those young men who have worn the Chatham A's uniform and applied the same positive virtues they learned on the baseball diamond to their families, professions, and community. We hope that in some way that their "summer on the Cape" contributed to their success in wherever their life's journey took them.
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Alumni - 36 Players
Name Chatham A's Year
Eric Dalton 1993
Daniel Damiani 1974
Michael Daniel 1989
Ben Danosky 1997
Jeff Datz 1981
Jake Daubert 1999
Seth Davidson 1999
Glenn Davis 1980
Walter Dawkins 1994
Brennan Dees 2000
Mike Defosse 1997
David DeJesus 1999
Brian Delehanty 1999
Ronald DeLonge 1971
Mark DeMenna 1996
John Dennett 1979
James DePalo 1986
James DePalo 1985
Derrick DePriest 1999
Marc Desroches 1998
John Deutsch 1987
Anthony Dicicco 2000
Robert Dickman 1965
P.J. Dietrick 1983
Pat DiSabato 1986
Colin Dixon 1989
Wayne Doland 1973
Kenneth Doria 1971
Brian Dour 1988
Greg Dowd 1991
Tom Drees 1984
Steve Duda 1991
Steve Duda 1992
Jim Duffy 1994
Matt Dunbar 1988
Jim Durrman 1978