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Asserts media reflect racial reality

Web posted Feb. 20 at 08:51 PM

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Editor, The Chronicle

The black community is constantly complaining that blacks are always portrayed in a bad light on TV and in film. I think this is only a reflection of the reality.

I came to this conclusion while listening to news reports about former Carolina Panther Ray Carruth on trial for murder. I then thought of other black personalities in trouble with authorities: O.J. Simpson (murder), Latrell Sprewell (assault), Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens (murder), Mike Tyson (rape, assault), Tupac Shakur (killed in a drive-by), Snoop Doggy Dogg (murder, illegal weapons possession), ``Suge'' Knight, Sean ``Puffy'' Combs (weapons charges), and the list goes on and on.

These men and their behavior should be denounced by the so-called black leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Kweisi Mfume instead of heralded as heroes and idols by an entire generation of young blacks.

If the black community wants to affix blame somewhere for its bad image it should look in the mirror.

Eric Dalton, Jackson

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