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 Updated June 20, 2000

A Long Time Ago, In a State Far, Far Away...

Formerly part of the Southeast Michigan Region, the Rally Sport Region was chartered back in February 1996 and includes members as far away as Germany (that would be me) and Canada (that would be those who get us confused with the Renn Sport Region and someone in Manitoba). Our members are very active and participate in a great many events throughout the year. Our membership started with less than 30 charter members and has grown to over 200 members by the beginning of 2000, with more arriving every month.

The goal of our region is the enjoyment of what binds us together -- Porsche (and good food). Therefore we have events almost every month to help keep us the "Fast, Fun, Friendly Region." The list of events include driver education (Waterford Hills Road Race Course), autocrosses, tours, dinners, and whatever members decide to put together. In the past, this has included "wall climbing" at Planet Rock in Pontiac.

To download a membership application form on PDF, please go to our forms page.

To get even more information, please go to our frequently asked questions pages.

General Information

Persons interested in joining the Porsche Club of America (PCA) can do so via a local PCA region which will endorse the membership of the applicant. The only membership requirements of the PCA are that you lease or own a Porsche.

People who own Porsches can join PCA directly through the PCA Executive Office or one of the Natoinal Membership Committee members by phone or through the on-line application at the PCA web site.

Membership dues are $42.00 per year (as of 1-Jan-2000) for which you will receive a subscription to both Panorama, the official PCA magazine, and a local region's newsletter (if they have one). In our case, the newsletter would be the BahnStormer.

Please e-mail Glenn Trapp, our Membership Chairman, for more information.

To download a membership application form on PDF, please go to our forms page.

RSR Membership

Rally Sport Region membership currently stands at about 210 active members.

Welcome New Members!
Tom Ferstle & Eric Dalton
New Members
1973 Red 911T
Kevin & Diane Spicher
Transferred from SMR
1988 Stone Grey 944 Turbo S
James & Jan Jourdan
Transferred from Southeast Michigan
1995 911
Sam Giacchina
New Member
1978 928
Gerry Plocharczyk
New Member
1988 911
Michael & Beth Smith
New Members
1993 911
Erich Bauer
New Member
1991 Red C2 Turbo
Larry Dropiewski
New Member
1971 911
Thomas & Debbie Mulcrone
New Members
1976 914
Thomas Elsner
Transferred from SMR
1984 911
Mark & Judith Breeding
New Members
2000 Violetchromaflair 911
Thomas & Maggie Clinton
New Members
1992 Red 911 C2 Cabrio
Robert Holland
New Member
1982 Red 911 Targa
Frank & Shari Martuscelli
New Members
2000 Silver 986 Boxster
John Allen
Transferred from Southeast Michigan
1983 944
Chris Price
Transferred from Southeast Michigan
1996 Red 993
Christopher & Catherine Bunker
New Members
1978 Black 911
Andy Perez & Chary Pietri
New Members
1972 Orange 914
Kathi Presutti & Thomas Sipko
New Members
2000 Silver Boxster
Richard & Patricia Sonntag
New Members
2000 Black 996 C4
William & Paula Atkinson
New Members
1979 Black 930

Mission: Website

The goal of this website (at least, as long as I'm webmeister) is to provide timely information to our members in a fast, fun friendly way, until I become a Dot Com millionaire. --- OK, well, E-man's moved on back to the Fatherland now, so either he's a millionaire now, or just trying to figure out how to make a Honda go faster 'round the 'Ring... either way, he's no longer webmeister, but the mission's the same. ~Vaughan

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