Coming THIS weekend, regular friday night racing and then the 1st leg of the 2005 THUNDER NATIONALS on SATURDAY, May 21.  Camping is available for those wishing to dial in friday and stay for saturday.  Testing will be permitted after racing is concluded on friday night.  Details on the Thunder Nationals page of this website.


May 13 Results:


In the Baby Kart class Braeden Dillinger won the feature followed by Michael Lake.


In the Kid Kart class Jacob Boggess earned his career first win ahead of Dylan Berry, Hunter Haddix, Spencer McDougal, and Jessica Harris.


Jimmy Redmond won the Junior I feature ahead of Ryan Montgomery, Austin Riggleman, Matthew Hudson, and Emily McDougal.


Cody Lake took the Jr. II checkers ahead of  Tyler Shannon, RJ Smith, Dillon Murray, and Eddie Parsons.


Jordan Cowger won his second Junior feature in a row ahead of Corey Metheny, Bryce Thayer, Corey Wetzel, Michael Mooreland, Zach Harris, John Blacker, Ben Polce, Travis Vance, Nick Cross, and Tyler Hudson.


The Senior Lite feature was won by Dave Corley ahead of Jordan Friend, Dave Harris, TJ Dalton, Eric Dalton, Jerry McClain II, Jason Haggerty, Chris Hawksis, Tim Burkhammer, Brad Green, and Tyler Murray.


Cody Hardesty was the winner in the Sr. Medium class ahead of AJ Spagnuolo, Denzil Shaw, Dave Harris, Chris Hawksis, Mark Whetzel, Jerry McClain Sr, Dan Simon, Jason Haggerty, and Tony Ball.


Cody Hardesty picked up the Sr. Heavy win ahead of  AJ Spagnuolo, Mike Delaney,  and Jim Polce.


Brock Sloan picked up the Arrive and Drive win ahead of Steve Amundson, Darin Haddix, Aaron McClain, and Brandon McDougal.


Looks like good weather for this friday night, so let's get ready for some FRIDAY NIGHT THUNDER and the 2005 Thunder Nationals on Saturday, May 21!!!!


Special thanks to TJ Contracting, the latest sponsor of Thunder Canyon.


Check out the new website for dirt racing photos! http://www.dirtpictures.com/  They have photos from dirt late models to karts.  There are a bunch of shots taken at Thunder Canyon in 2004.  Tommy at TCMotorsports can hook you up with any professional photos that you might need.  Visit his site and let him know how you found it. 


Coming in 2005, the monster dirt series, over $10000 in total awards, the  Thunder Nationals!


Thunder Canyon is looking for CHAMP kart racers!!  We will be running Sr. Champs and Jr. Champs in 2005.

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