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Finchley helps out new film appreciation society
Dave Watterson

In the late summer of 2003 Eric Dalton and some friends set out to establish a film society (film appreciation group) in Highgate, London. Such groups have to hire films from commercial distributors at special rates. Forget your two-pound-fifty hire from a local videoshop, they usually pay between 70 and 150 pounds for a single show. Add the cost of hall hire, advertising etc amd that means you have to be fairly sure of good support before booking a programme.

To test the water they gave a free show on 27 November and had an audience of around 100 people to see Cinema Paradiso. They then set about selling subscriptions for a programme of seven films (one a month from December 2003 to June 2004) priced at 25 pounds for a single sub and £40 for a couple. They got 104 subs and are off to a good start.

What do they show on? Eric replies with gratitude: “We're hiring DVD projection equipment from a local film-making society, Finchley Cine video Society.”

If you are in that part of London and fancy a movie: their season includes Mrs Dalloway, La Regle du Jeu, Manhattan, La Veuve de Saint Pierre, Rashomon, Singin' in the Rain and Ossessione dro.

Contact: Eric Dalton by email.

Page updated on 08 January 2004

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