Ego Surfing!

Surfing the internet for references to one's own name is henceforth to be known as ego surfing. Since nothing on the web could possibly be false, all of these references MUST be to me. I really do get around don't I? They misspelled my name a few times, but hey, them's the breaks. These links were all valid when I put them up here. 5/12/99

New Ego Hits! (With cached web sites!)

I'm selling some guns:
(Cached copy)

I'm one of the Advising Editors:


I Filed for Bankruptcy Nov. 10 1997:


I work with Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators


University of Omaha, NE - Best Soloist!


I founded the above institute! Now you see me, now pay me 197.95 for my literature!


I ran in the Tallulah Challenge 1998 (Senior Men Cross-Country), but didn't finish.


I'm also an Audit Manager


I'm pledging Tau Beta Pi - Kansas State University


The 'ECK' surname?


At Center for the Mountaineers, 6 foot 3, 260 LBS...


Nominated for a 'MIC' award - Recognizing excellence in original music production for 11 years.

Best Musical Production Special - Best Remake "Amazing Grace"


In 1989 I set the Artesia single season record for stolen bases with 40 and chosen "All South" in 1990!


I played Cricket for South Africa, Natal and died in 1981! (I even scored 698 runs.)
(Cached Copy)


I was a drummer for the Bogus Burritos.



"The dark and sinister figure in the corner, striking a pose for Rodan, is Eric Dalton, party guy."


I am a Rolfer! What ever the hell that is...


A member of the Pepperdine honors group is going to name her son after me!


I'm a nuclear engineering pool player too.


I'm taking Physics 211 at the University of South Carolina


I'm interested in buying some juice?!


I work for the military... high frequency shock prediction.


I'm a bench warming guard for Bethel College averaging under 1 point per game. Ew.


I was published in the Augusta Chronical (Well, a letter to the editor anyway.)


I've spoken at the Co-op conference of the University of Newfoundland!


I ran in the Carlsbad 500 and finished in 1225th place! Not bad.


I'm affiliated with the Indiana University Philosophy Program.


And finally, I did NOT speak at the WisBar Midwinter Convention Program


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