Eric's Entertaining Employment Extravaganza!

A few years ago, I worked several odd jobs one summer in between semesters at college. Using what was at the time a nice piece of presentation software, I chronicaled my strange work history from that summer... then for the next summer... and eventually for each job I held during college career; Telemarketer, knife salesman, pizza delivery, warehouse worker, and computer lab attendant.

The software I used  was called "Action!" and it was a slimmed down version of "Director" put out by Macromedia. Thanks to my experience with Director at school and Action at home, I had a leg up when it came to learning Flash which is also put out by Macromedia.

The presentation called "Eric's Entertaining Employment Extravaganza!" featured vignettes about each job, had clip art as well as many custom created graphics. I used sound, music, motion and really pushed the software beyond what it was designed to do. They didn't use compression back then and the file size turned out to be just over 18MB so I won't post the presentation here (unless I get requests!).

Anyway, here's a few sample bitmaps I had created for the presentation and one animation I created using Flash to mimic one scene from the Action presentation. Just to pat myself on the back a little... I didn't have a scanner back then, so when you see these pictures, remember that I created these pixel by pixel using Microsoft Paint and imagine what I could have done with Photoshop.

Knife Sales!

Cost: $60.

Pizza Delivery!

Company Logo (Formerly Pizza Pizza until Little Caesars sued)

 My 1985 Dodge Charger making it's rounds!

Warehouse Labor!

Company Logo

The Pallet Jack I rode around on (and me driving it)

An EXACT duplicate of one of our order stickers. Remember, this isn't a scan folks.