Eric's Logo's and Designs

I have copied or designed several logos through the years. Here's a sampling of a few of my favorites!

The Haven Activities Council. This was used on their webpage.

Another one for HAC. This one is animated obviously.

The LHU ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) This design was used on a t-shirt as the pocket design.

The official RPU logo. It was used on posters and programs.

O.S. was my greeting card company. I used it whenever I needed a logo to finish some project.

The logo I submitted for the design contest at work. I won. It was used on some of our documentation.

Created using Paint for Windows 3.1 - That's no scan!

Another one that's not a scan. Created pixel by individual pixel!

They changed their logo. I morphed them.

Just a fun logo for my eName. It's used on my webpage.

This is a copy of our ID cards that we used at school. When printed in color and laminated it was able to fool people.