Eric's Original Works of Art

I created most of these images in one of the two electronic art classes I took while in college. The other's are just the product of an overactive imagination and several hours that desperately needed killing. They are mostly created on Macintosh computers using Canvas and Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro and Painter were also used as well as some long forgotten 3D application. Technically speaking, they were good enough to earn me a couple of A's in the classes. From an artistic point of view... well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. . . and you should have seen the ones I chose NOT to publish here!

My biggest disappointment is that I had to my original color depth so I could get them off of the Mac's and onto my home PC. At the time, the Mac's couldn't read PC diskettes so I had to FTP them from the Mac Lab to my home Unix account and then FTP them from that server to my home PC. The original PICT or TIFF formats were to large to fit on Floppy and  zip drives or burnable CDs were years away. The only format that I could save as that both PC and MAC could read was the venerable 256 color GIF format.

The "desktop" series was used as my desktop background for a year or two and the shapes that each image contained were used as 'frames' for a specific group of icons. I had a lot of fun dreaming up the patterns, shapes, and colors for these. I almost wish I still used an 800x600 desktop resolution!

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