Note: I've intentially left this page page plain vanilla as an artistic statement to the power of plain text HTML!
NOTE: I've recorded, dubbed, tracked, or mixed everything listed below. Be gentle!

My Theme Music (Strong Language Warning!)
My Official Jingle!
Webcam WMV of my cat playing while I was at work
Webcam WMV of new windows/doors being installed while I was at work.
Meditate on this short movie
A radio promo I created for my company
Morphing 1 - Ethan into the Buddha!
Morphing 2 - Watch Beth grow up right before your eyes!
Morphing 3 - Two Boris Valejo paintings
I added "lyrics" to Mahler's Op. 1.

That's it for now, much more to come later!
With the exception of the Midi, I obviously didn't record the actual music. The Poe-esque verse from the Mahler was from an email. Author Unknown.