This is my page of random animations that I've created over the years. I originally worked in mostly animated gifs, but eventually graduated and gravitated towards Macromedia Flash. Wish they'd drop the price so I could afford a copy and stop having to use the demo versions all the time!

Links to my Flash:

A little big of AOL bashing. Evil!

My first Flash, based on one of their tutorials. Cool.

Merry Catsmas! Originally a still w/no sound.

And finally, my loving tribute to the fall of the XFL

Animated gif screen capture from the ending sequence of the game Diablo.

Want to hear the noise this big nasty made when I killed him? Click HERE.

Converted from a panel cartoon from The New Yorker. Stare at it for a few seconds and you'll see the animation!

An Animated version of an MC Escher drawing


Animated fire was hard to come by... so I made some from scratch - pixel by bloody pixel!

I reused it here to emphasize all the hits my page must have been getting. See? It's melting!. =]

This one was fun. It was 100 degrees out when I made it. I got the pictures by mashing my face against my scanner.

This one was originally for an Electronic Art class. I was supposed to do a still life, so I took off my sneaker and made a perfect copy. I then besmirched it and later made the two images into one animated one.

Here's a collection of animated banner ads I've created for myself and for HCS whom I used to work for.

Those work real well with this color scheme don't they? Yup.